In a captivating interview, Sherry Wilde delves into “The Plight of Humanity,” an extraordinary tale that unravels the creation of Earth as a third-dimensional planet and the unforeseen challenges faced by the cherished children of the planet Gaia. Prepare to be amazed as she reveals how Earth humans are part of a universal family, longing to reconnect not only with our Creator but also with the cosmic beings who harbor immense love for us. Drawing from her profound encounters with beings from distant star systems, Sherry sheds light on what it takes to awaken humanity and emphasizes why the present moment demands our focused intent on this purpose.

Meet Sherry Wilde, a woman whose life took an astonishing turn in 1987. Until then, she reveled in an idyllic existence as a wife, mother, and business owner. Little did she know that her tranquil community would become a hotbed for UFO activity, ranking among the most active in the world. Over the next 18-24 months, Sherry would find herself embarking on a journey beyond imagination, as she grappled with the undeniable evidence of her profound connection to extraterrestrial beings—a phenomenon completely foreign to her.

Profound teaching about the planet

A pragmatic and levelheaded woman of 37, Sherry was astounded to discover that her contact with these otherworldly entities had been an ongoing part of her entire life, pushing the boundaries of her understanding. Struggling to reconcile her experiences, she spent years attempting to dismiss them from her mind, yearning for a return to normalcy. Yet, when the weighty presence of contact resurfaced in late 2009, following a period of relative tranquility, Sherry could no longer ignore it. Unexpectedly, she found herself compelled to document her encounters, delving deep into her memories of past events and the profound teachings bestowed upon her by these ultra-dimensional beings.

Overcoming fear became Sherry’s paramount goal as she embarked on a quest to uncover the truth of her involvement with these enigmatic entities. Today, she wholeheartedly accepts the reality of these encounters and maintains regular, cooperative contact with the beings she affectionately refers to as “her guys.”

Sherry Wilde unravels the secrets behind the history of our planet

Prepare to be enthralled as Sherry Wilde unravels the secrets behind the history of our planet, unveiling a tale that transcends our wildest dreams. Discover the cosmic tapestry that binds us to our universal family and join Sherry on her quest to awaken humanity from its slumber. The time has come to embrace our divine connection and embrace the profound teachings that can guide us towards a brighter future. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to explore the remarkable universe that lies beyond our earthly realm, waiting to be discovered.

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