As a devote new age junky I regularly listen to my favourite YouTube-speakers. It soothes my mind with philosophies, magical concepts, awakening and mind-bending ideas about reality. I call it my “YouTube-temple” and my chosen YouTube-preachers teach me different techniques for taking care of myself. Which is great, yet impractical. The unlimited options become yet another burden of choice and logistics.

Self-Care Conundrum

There are so many self-caring activities you can do in a day for your body, your mind, your inner child, your divine masculine/feminine, your astral plane, your kundalini, your pranayama, your pineal gland etc, that if you tried to fit it all in, you would not have time to lead a “normal” life. Not referring to the mainstream or boring kind of “normal” (if that exists), but merely referring to the mundane stuff we all need to do to maintain a functional physical existence. Like washing clothes, paying the bills, having a family, pursuing a career, being social, nurturing relationships etc. Which could also be qualified as magical activities in the mind of a true seeker. Like the famous quote implies: “Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water”

Brush up

“You brush your teeth every day, don’t you? So, think of it like that, it is easy”. Have you heard this sentence before? I have. From my yoga teachers, my meditation advisers, my singing teachers, Taichi teachers, my nutritionists, my magic teacher, my healing teacher, my dentist and my mum of course. All in the name of “self-care”. Which becomes an increasingly stressful concept in a fast-paced world, and now, with a heck of a lot of teeth to brush. Most of these tooth brushing activities take a lot longer than 5 minutes a day. More like 30 minutes to an hour each. And should, if possible, all be completed before breakfast.

Naturally I did an experiment. What is the cost of being a hard-core self-carer? I set aside three days to practice all the self-caring activities on my list. Aiming to fit it all inn before breakfast. Guess what. I had to eat lunch and dinner before I was done. A nine-hour work day had passed which did not include paying bills, making money or brushing teeth. I tried again on the second day hoping I might be done by lunchtime. No chance. The third day was no different. Apart from increased restlessness.

If I lived my life like that, it would kill me. Literally. Form lack of partaking in the physical reality. Which is not very self-caring.

Who ́s Inner Voice?

Self-care techniques are ultimately there to help manage the ups and downs of life. To better navigate the minefield of emotions, enhance an ease of existence within your physical body and the world at large as well as experiencing your significance by mind bending and mind-blowing your consciousness into astral worlds of insight. Still the techniques themselves are not the answer. Life is the answer. You are life. Needless to say, you are the answer. Because you are good enough. Though most don’t believe that, that is why we need the techniques, practices, enlightened words of others until maybe one day we dear listen to the softness of our own inner voice.

What spiritual teachers, catalysts, gurus, channelers are sharing with us is their own techniques that work for them on their journey to better managing their lives. They have honed the skill of channeling that inner voice. So naturally they want to offer you the gift they have been given on their own healing journey in case it will work for you too. Anything else would be greedy.

Still, it is a lot to take inn. The list self-care practices that is supposed to empower you can also leave you feeling like a failure from lack of time, energy or money to practice them.

The Main Ritual

If you are nearly as overload by the possibilities for practises as I have been, this one goes to you: Strip it down. Down to the mundane. Because life itself is the main ritual. Remember; chopping wood and carrying water happens before and after awakening. So there is no escaping physical reality. Therefore, everyday activities can be used as the main technique. No kidding. If you don’t manage to hear your inner voice, maybe you manage to be a part of your daily actions? If you have no time or energy for the luxury of self-loving practices, offer a moment of presence when you do whatever it is you do. That is good enough. It is even extremely powerful.

Here are three examples of spiritual practice you perform daily or weekly probably without noticing.

  • Cleansing: Showering, washing your clothes, washing your house, brushing your teeth, etc.
  • Self-love: Eating, cuddling, relaxing, playing, joking, spending time with loved ones, etc.
  • Letting Go: Going to the toilet, throwing away garbage, getting rid of unwanted items, saying goodbye to a friend you had a good chat with, etc.

Just notice. Give it your presence, and whoops! There you go. What are you?! You are such a rad spiritually enlightened being because you perform these awesome self-caring techniques EVERY DAY! Congratulations!

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