of any kind
is a test
of our ability to
take responsibility
lift others up
and get up again
lean in
be authentic
be honest
simply be

We search for «the right» person
The one that will fill us
with what we feel we’re lacking
Or complete us,
because we feel we’re missing something
But why then does the best relationship often enter our lives when we don’t try
Don’t play any game
Don’t hunt
But simply show up
When we start off
with curiosity
for the other person
With no need to control or be controlled
When we’re willing to let the journey take us
other places than we had planned
Because not everything in life
can be planned.

And that is part of the test
Our ability to grow
beyond what we thought was possible
To take responsibility
for our own reactions
To forgive
ourself and others in our past
To accept
that no-one is perfect, but we all try our best
To encourage
ourselves and the relationship itself
To lift others up
without counting «who does the most»

To fail
and then get up, because we do fail
To lean in
towards each other
To trust
the process and the journey
To be authentic
because no love can grow on what is fake
To be honest
with each other
To simply be

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