Recently, on a travel in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene, I was once again surprised and overwhelmed by the masculine energy.

The importance of balancing the masculine and feminine energies is a topic close to my heart, and something I have worked on for years. However, there are quite a few obstacles that appear in all kinds of ways, either we focus on getting more balance inside or outside; in a certain situation, in our community or our surroundings.

I worked as a business executive half my life before quitting my job and starting on my spiritual path 12 years ago. A big change from the executive world where I had been working with men only, in a masculine role as finance director, in an engineering industry with power plants and energy operations, without any role models to guide me how to lead from my feminine.

The “F-word”

On the other hand, at that time it would not be acceptable to bring too much femininity into the Norwegian power industry. I remember using the wrong word, the f-word, in a presentation to the Board. I said: “ I feel … this is a thorough and complete basis for decision making”… and I lost everyone.

The masculine is focusing on results, planning, strategy, action – our “doing–energy”. While the feminine is represented by creativity, intuition, feeling, love, compassion and cooperation, the “being-energy”.

To be in balance we must encompass both the doing and being, both the masculine and the feminine, both the forward looking and the here and now. We may be in the present while doing our things or going from one to the other. For example, by filling up our well – by being in nature after having had a long and active day at work; Or by taking breaks during the day and focusing on understanding, love and forgiveness in difficult situations.

Higher consciousness and frequencies

Being in balance is a never-ending story. We have to be conscious about what is happening on the inside and outside and take necessary steps to get back into alignment. Be conscious of what is happening on the inside when we go through everyday life. See how other people mirror our “difficult” feelings and give us an opportunity to take new steps towards higher consciousness and frequencies.

Recently I realised that there is another way as well. Especially when we look at balance in a larger perspective. We want to align our lives – and at the same time contribute to balance the world – with all its masculine energies flowing freely for more than 2000 years – and still are.

Mary Magdalene

I have read a lot about Mary Magdalene during the last couple of years; channelled books that describe her as the feminine part of Christ. A strong, intelligent and wise woman who brought unconditional love to our planet; who saw the total picture of our being.

After Jesus died Mary Magdalene had to escape from Palestine together with Virgin Mary, her two aunts, brother Lazarus and many more. They stranded in South of France, in Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer, and after some time Mary Magdalene parted with her family and friends and went up the river to the mountains in La Sainte-Baume.

Her story triggered me to go to France and see where she had lived, feel her loving energy and hear more about who she was and how she worked to help people.


The heritage of Mary Magdalene is guarded by eight monks from the Dominican order, living in a priory in La Sainte-Baume. They are keepers of the sanctuary, the cave, where Mary Magdalene lived for more than 30 years and where numerous saints, royals and ordinary people have come through time on pilgrimage and to pray in the cave.

I stayed in the priory for four nights, hoping to feel some of Mary Magdalene’s love and compassion, but instead I felt the male and masculine energy all around.

The monks showed no interest in the pilgrims, doing mechanically the same rituals day in and day out, presenting their words without engagement or energy. I saw no smiles and felt no enthusiasm for Mary Magdalene’s role in Christ’ life.

A beautiful English volunteer helped the monk translate from French when he was telling us about Mary Magdalene, but he cut her off. The monk used his authority to make us all silent: “You ask too many questions,” he said; typical suppression techniques that I was not expecting to meet in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene.

I was disappointed.

“Oops! I did it again!”

The experience made me realize that I thought I had to go certain places, be in a particular state, meditate deeply or “deserve” the possibility to feel the loving, encompassing and strong energy of Mary Magdalene – or from any other Saint or Ascended Master for that matter. However, once again I have experienced that this not the case.

Prior to going on my pilgrimage, I felt very close to Mary Magdalene, and felt that she filled me with her strong and loving energy whenever I asked her to. Even some of my clients felt her filling the room with almighty light and energy. “What did really happen now?” was a question frequently asked.

Lesson learned…again. My dear reader, we can simply ask to get more feminine and loving energy into our situation. If we are struggling ourselves or even feel that the world needs more balance: close your eyes and ask for help and unconditional love from Mary Magdalene. Then, focus on your heart and in a few seconds, you will feel her beautiful love and compassion filling your surroundings.

The feminine and loving energy is truly surrounding us to create balance in our lives. Believe it, Try it, FEEL it and Love it.

You don’t have to go anywhere. It is already here, present.


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