Anette Carlstrom is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and teacher in the development of conscious living. Don’t be afraid to meet your inner suffering. In this interview, we talk about Oneness Blessing and connecting to the Divine.

Anette’s focus and specialty is guiding the individual and in groups towards finding their inner compass to discover their full potential and true nature.

Anette is the Founder of Diamond Life Foundation, an alternative health practice and meditation center in southern Sweden, where she gives weekly programs, courses, and guided meditations as well as giving Cranio Sacral Treatments. Since 2003 she has been traveling around Europe and the World sharing her story, teaching, and singing. When she chants and speaks, there is a natural transfer of Grace that is received either in person or over the phone. She is initiated to give the Oneness Meditation (OM) which is a Sacred Transmission of energies that accelerate Awakening to the Intelligence of the Heart.

This interview is one out of five interviews from my Sweden trip the summer of 2016.

Anette Carlstrom’s website

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  1. She is saying the same thing that Matt Kahn says. Matt gives the suggestions:
    1. own the emotion – but do NOT continue the sentence with the word ‘because’. That has really helped me.
    2. Thank the emotion for showing you where you need more love and love it. I sometimes hold a conversation with the emotion and thank it for taking care of me.
    Matt has so many tools to help with this.

    Annette is very lovely.

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