How come intentions and visualization is so effective?

When we use our imagination together with setting intentions, we set powerful wheels in motion. By becoming conscious creators, we are choosing the future timeline that we wish to experience, rather than creating from our subconscious programming which can lead us on many detours or even into many roundabouts. And you can manifest together with your future self.

The difference between goals and intentions

Intention are different than goals, although they are related. Intentions come from the soul and are connected to your emotions. They are the fuel and drive behind your creation. Goals is more mind oriented. However in many ways intentions and goals go hand in hand. Intentions is the big “why” for where you want to go and what you want to create, and the goals helps the intention become manifested.

Set your vision for 2020
together with your future self

In my free and guided meditation you will use your imagination to discover and meet the brightest future version of YOU – your future self – so that you can:

future self

-Create the future you long to experience
-Manifest and discover your highest potential
-Gain more clarity on your soul’s calling

Alongside the meditation, you will receive contemplation exercises to further support you in gaining clarity on what your intensions are going to be for 2020.

May you create a beautiful new year.

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