Meet Luisa Carel – an International Passion Ambassador, motivational speaker, and truly inspiring coach. Her mission is to help others rediscover their inner strength and embrace a life filled with purpose and passion. In this interview, she opens up about her incredible journey that led her to create the captivating YouTube series, Passion Harvest. This is a story of finding oneself, awakening spiritually, and staying fiercely committed to a life fueled by passion.

Embracing Transformation

Luisa’s life story shows us how powerful change can be and how strong our spirits are. She was stuck in a dull corporate job and a rocky marriage, feeling like her soul was fading away as she longed for something more. A recurring dream kept haunting her at night – an enigmatic woman trapped in a cage. Over time, Luisa realized that the woman was her, a symbol of her own limitations. This “a-ha” moment led her to stop blaming others and make a firm decision to follow her passion.

Out-of-Body Adventure

Luisa’s journey into self-discovery began at a young age, marked by an out-of-body experience. When she was just six years old and ill, she found herself hovering near the ceiling, faced with a profound choice – to return to her body or venture onward. She consciously decided to return, which unveiled a fundamental truth: she was more than her physical form, and life’s choices were within her grasp. This revelation planted the seed of her spiritual journey, empowering her to live authentically and seek her true purpose.

Reconnecting through Past Lives

Luisa’s identity is woven with the threads of past lives, as she vividly remembers previous incarnations that continue to resonate within her present reality. Her encounters with two influential women from her past lives have left a mark on her current journey. These echoes from the past serve as a reminder that the souls we encounter in this lifetime may be connected to our existence across lifetimes. Luisa’s profound connection to these souls reaffirms her belief in the interconnectedness of all beings.

Living with Purpose and passion

Luisa Carel’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s passions and living life authentically. Through her YouTube show, Passion Harvest, she invites thought leaders and spiritual teachers to explore the profound meanings of existence, inspiring countless others to follow their passions unapologetically. Her message is simple yet profound: life is a canvas, and we are the artists. Every moment is an opportunity to paint our dreams, and every choice is a brushstroke that shapes our destiny. As Luisa reminds us, life is too short not to live with passion, purpose, and unyielding authenticity.

Transcript of the interview

Luica Carel 0:00

It was so real, I'd see this woman on a cliff, surrounded by the most magnificent nature. And I never saw her face. She always had her back to me. It was incredibly disturbing. I didn't know what to do. It was one of those dreams that was so real. And each night, I was taken aback to see this woman alone on the cliff banging, trying to get out. But if she got out, where would she go? And then on the last night that it happened, I called out her and I said, Please, please let me help you. If I can't bear this anymore. I don't want these experiences. Let me move through this. And the woman turned around.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:40

Hello, Louisa a warm welcome to the show. Oh, genic.

Luica Carel 0:44

Thank you so much for having me here. I'm so excited to be on the show, and hello to you and your audience.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:51

So you know, I discovered you when you actually discovered me, because you interviewed me on your amazing show a passion harvest, and then I started following you. And I know you have an amazing story, amazing experiences. And it was a tough road coming to doing what you're doing today. And you really following your inner calling. And I find that really inspiring. And I'm curious to see where our conversation is going today. Because I know you have lots of things to speak about. And you are you on your website, you say you are a mother and a warrior. And you embrace life. And you are really curious about who we are like the fundamental truth of who we are. And I really share that interest. And I think you've interviewed over 200 amazing spiritual teachers right now. And like me, you know, I can identify with you because all of a sudden, you receive so much wisdom and all of his knowledge and sort of where to put it right and what becomes your truth. So I'm curious about that as well. But before you started passion harvest, how was your life? Like what led you to do what you do today?

Luica Carel 2:02

Oh, my gosh, I'm just thinking back. This is probably well, a long time ago that I started passion harvest two and a half, three years ago. But let's just say four years ago, it was so different. I am Australian originally, and I was living in Sydney and a family. I had two older children and a very unhappy marriage. I'd been married for 19 years. And I lived in fear. And I didn't know how to get out. I won't go into the details of the marriage, my children are amazing. And I had a great corporate job or what looked from the outside, like the perfect, you know, the perfect family and the perfect corner corporate office, but I was desperately unhappy. And I needed to let go of my fear of being a single mother of being poor of being alone of really of the unknown. I always wanted an Excel spreadsheet of the rest of my life and I, I realized that wasn't going to happen. And I had these recurring dreams for a year before the universe pushed me when I sometimes the universe has a funny way of pushing you kicking and screaming if you are a little bit slow, and sometimes I'm a slow learner or too afraid, not so much anymore. I had these dreams every night for a year. It was so real. I'd see this woman on a cliff in a cage, surrounded by the most magnificent nature. And I never saw her face. She always had her back to me, but she was naked and dirty. And she'd been there for many, many years, her hair was matted, and she ate insects. And sometimes I saw her screaming and I tried to call out to her to say, let me out of this dream. I don't want it anymore. How can I help you? And sometimes I even saw her banging on the cage trying to get out so hard that her knuckles were bleeding. She was almost going crazy. And this happened every night probably for 10 to 12 months. And it was incredibly disturbing. I didn't know what to do. It was one of those dreams that were so real. And each night I was taken aback to see this woman alone on the cliff through the seasons through the rains through the the heat banging, trying to get out but if she got out Where would she go? And then on the last night that it happened I called out to her and I said please, please let me help you if I can't bear this anymore. I don't want these experiences. Let me move through this. And the woman turned around and it was me. And I saw on her feet like crying. And I saw on her neck that she had a a key or a chain around her neck and it was the key to the cage. And I said to her what And what are you doing? Why don't you open the cage? And she's because I mean, she hardly looks like me. She, obviously she'd been there for years. And she said, I'm too afraid to open the cage. And I said, let me help you. And I still remember her, she could hardly stand up because the cage wasn't able, she wasn't able to stand full height, her back was crooked, and her hands were shaking. And I said, you can do it, I'll help you. And her hands was shaking so hard, she could hardly open the key to the cage. But she opened it, and I was there and I held her hand, and she said, I'm too afraid. And I said, let's just do it. And we held hands and jumped off the cliff. And after that, everything changed. I decided that I needed to change my life. And I had to stop blaming my husband or my life, which from the outside looked perfect, but I was terribly unhappy. And I didn't want to drag my weary body to bed in to work every morning. And I just wasn't happy. And I didn't know what to do. So I think I started listening to Abraham Hicks, who was amazing. And she told me, You're not a victim, and just try and get happy. So I went to work each day. And I looked for all the positive things. And I started meditating, just just briefly, I was so still afraid and worried what people thought at that time. And I remember each day for about six months, I'd walk across to the park, just across the road. And I'd sit on the grass and eat my lunch alone. It was the best time of my day and kick off my high heels. And I close my eyes and look towards the sun. I was actually meditating, but I thought if any of my co workers saw me, they wouldn't think I was too weird. So I started doing that. And then I remember one day I looked down and I saw this gum leaf on the ground and I thought I have to take it back to my office it. It just reminded me of the happiest time of my day. And I took the little gum leaf back to my office and hid it behind my computer monitor in case anyone saw it and again, thought I was a little bit strange. I so worried what people thought, Well, I was retrenched. About a month later, and probably about six months after that dream, everything changed. I was terrified and I packed up my office, really all that I had was a USB or a memory stick, there was nothing else. And I looked behind my monitor and there was the Gumleaf, shriveled and did and I just got the message that if I had stayed in this life in this career, I would have ended up like that shriveled gum leaf. And I opened the door to the front door to the office building, terrified, terrified, a bit like the woman coming out of the cage. But I promised myself from that day, from that day on, I would only do things that I was passionate about that made me happy that filled me with joy. And I had no idea what I was going to do. And I really wanted to grow spiritually. But I didn't have enough time to read all the books. So I thought, what I'll do is I'll interview incredible people across the world, like yourself, and learn and then I get to share it with others. So that's kind of my story from starting passion harvest, and it's grown since then.

Jannecke Øinæs 8:36

Oh, wow, that is amazing that you had that powerful symbolic dream. And I get many questions here. Because that's really a gift that you receive this dream that was helping you and I can identify with not seeing the signs, you know, you have that dream again and again. But you're not picking it up because your mindset, your reality. Your way of perceiving reality is is sort of not where you are now and know everything you know now. It's it's a big step to jump out of all that security. And I'm curious when you got these dreams, like did you have any spiritual beliefs from before? So were you sort of open to this, or was it completely new to you?

Luica Carel 9:24

I was open to it but I think during I guess children and you know what, you kind of lose focus of oneself and my unhappy marriage. I lost that I I had an out of body experience. When I was younger, I was very, very sick with the measles. And I remember I was so my my family didn't really believe in doctors and I was so sick. I remember my father carrying me to the ice bath to call me down and it went on for days and all I wanted was spaghetti bologna sandwiches that my grandmother made and I couldn't Eat, but I kept saying, please bring me spaghetti baloney sandwiches. But I remember lying in the bed I was delirious and sick for days. And I'd get very, very big and very, very small. And then all of a sudden, I almost popped out of my body and I was on the ceiling, looking at my sick body, I was really, really sick. And I it's hard as a child, but I almost vividly remember I had a choice, do I keep going? Which means I may not return to my body, or do I return to a mind body and I I consciously made the choice to return to my body. But it was an incredible experience. It made me realize that I was much more than my body. And everything has a choice. But I forgot all of that. Or maybe I I hit it. Or I think I stopped. I stopped listening to my intuition, especially through teenage years, and particularly during when I had children and during my marriage, because if I was that aware, I don't think I could have beard it.

Jannecke Øinæs 11:15

Yeah, you know, when you talked about that experience of moving out of the body and becoming bigger and smaller. I had something similar. I was married in my heart, but that I was adult, but I was meditating on my heart. And all of a sudden, it was like I shoot it out of my heart. It wasn't sort of out of body. But it felt like I was just becoming huge, like enormous, like, ask the universe. And what I sort of received as a message was that this is the truth of who you are. And this is the truth of everybody. Like this is how big we all are. And the next message I got was, you are so loved. And you also love yourself. So it was like this dual perspective that I am loved. And I also love and love myself. And to me that was sort of an answer to some deep questions I've had, you know, I've been struggling with self esteem and stuff like that. And I really felt a big I was, I was like, wow, this is the truth of who I am. And it was so beautiful about it. When you Yeah, share your story. It's beautiful.

Luica Carel 12:32

Yeah, well, it's all about love, isn't it?

Jannecke Øinæs 12:35

It is. So when you know everything, you know, now, after having done so many interviews with amazing thought leaders, how do you look at soul plans and soul contracts? Because you were shifting your life? And you said, you know, if I hadn't shifted my life, I would have ended up like this. Now, do you think that there was sort of a destiny for you to actually have that marriage, be in that job or you weren't satisfied? And then to make that shift that that was part of the plan?

Luica Carel 13:10

Absolutely. My husband was a wonderful teacher, I'm very grateful. If I didn't, well, then we can go into parallel realities. But if I if I didn't, if I didn't make that choice, I wouldn't have I wanted a life far greater than the life I was living. And if I didn't live that choice, my life would have been very different. I would have lived continued to live in fear I wouldn't be proud of myself I probably would have shriveled up and died metaphorically like that Gumleaf I would have lost the essence of this Louisa that we're talking to right now. I still have fears but not so much I mean, gosh, my life is so different. I found the most amazing region in the south of France and traveled across the world and bought a house in the middle of the countryside and my life is very different. But fear no longer moves and it moves me like it used to I still get fears occasionally. But not doesn't really moved me I also think there are parallel realities. I know there are there is another version of Luis infinite parallel realities. This is the one I'm identifying with now that is still married.

Jannecke Øinæs 14:24

So how can that work? Like after the interview, see you've been doing HOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND parallel realities? Does that mean that there are multiple versions of us? And ultimately that we are a huge soul and ultimately we are one so that is something I just cannot understand with my mind.

Luica Carel 14:44

It's, yes, this is what I've been. I'm not telling anyone what to think this is what I feel is my truth. Each big life decision we make energy doesn't dissipate it always remains. So each Decision like the sliding doors, each major decision we make, there's a different version of us living in a different reality or you can talk. Think of it like a timeline, there are higher frequencies, higher vibrations, or lower vibrations of timelines that we operate. We jump timelines all the time based mainly on our decisions, our thoughts and our beliefs.

Jannecke Øinæs 15:25

Wow, that's very interesting. So what is the soul from your perspective?

Luica Carel 15:30

The soul? Well, of course, I believe there isn't. One soul, we are one we all connected, you could call it God or source people call it many, many different things. But I also have an oversoul. A soul that sends us forth, to have incredible experiences to learn and grow and, and how clever that each decision I make major decisions or actions that I take. There's multiple experiences that the soul learns and grows from, there's not really them in there is good or bad. There's not really good or bad. They're all experiences, nothing damages the soul, we suffer so much. But nothing really damages our soul. But if you're that, if you're that clever and intelligent, why wouldn't you have all these fractals of the one incarnation?

Jannecke Øinæs 16:25

Yeah, it's an interesting notion. So you've I know you've had several past lives. That are, let me rephrase that. I know, you remember several past lives. And I've never remembered some of mine. And I'm still curious about this notion. I mean, I do believe I've had multiple lives, several places, I'm just not understanding where to put them. Because in my mind, they're happening right now. So in one way, I'm living all these lives at the same time, because there's no such thing as time. Anywho, I would love to hear a little bit about your memories of past lives, how they came about, and many questions, they're actually like, Why do you think certain lives came forward? So I would love for you to share about those memories.

Luica Carel 17:18

Sure, I don't know where to start. But I feel the same as you the concept that so hard to grasp, but I do believe they're all happening now at this point in space and time. I also have future memories, but I'll tell you about my most recent one, I don't even ask for these things. They just, they just happen to me. But what I want to say in essence, from what I've learned from all of my past lives is they're so real, and they're so vivid. And what I've learned from all of them is a tool. So how I've how I've felt so strong, how I've overcome obstacles, how I've had the gift of sight, and all of those I've remembered so my most read, I'll just tell you my most recent one. In January, I went for a trip to Morocco, and I thought I'd go for it was cold and winter in France and I'm Australian that didn't suck wasn't sunny for a long time. So I went to Morocco for a week thinking I'd have a nice sunny holiday, which I did. But I got there and I just felt that I'd been here before I was so familiar. In some way it felt comfortable like home, I guess people have these experiences or meet people that they just know them or they just get along really well. So I walked through the the supermarkets in Marrakech, looking for trinkets or I don't know something to buy as a tourist while I was shopping and I don't whoever's been to Marrakech to the supermarkets, the haggling, and people trying to sell you things started driving me crazy. And there's incredible little mazes. But everything's the same. It's all mass produced. And I wanted to find something original. So about four hours later, I was so hot, and I wanted to get out of there. And I saw this little antique shop and I thought, well, maybe they've got something special in there. And I went in there and I bought this, I think a little copper bowl. And there was this man here in my terrible French. And he's terrible English. We managed to converse and he was very sweet. And he was so happy. And he said, My family has been doing this for three generations. We travel all across Morocco, and would you like to see my treasure trove upstairs? And I thought well, I would have loved I mean I love to but being a woman alone in a Muslim country, I felt a bit uncomfortable but he said come and follow me up. So we went up these little stairs and all my gosh, it was like Aladdin's cave. It was income gradable all the pieces he had the the jewelry, the artifacts from, it was just and I just felt all these memories. I always could feel all the energy of these lives of all these people. It was amazing what he was showing me. Old Campbell's skin containers for milk and wallets and bridal beads. It was it was amazing. And then he said, Would you like to look at my one of my most special treasures? And I said, Of course I would. And he had this beautiful box that was inlaid, I think with marble and he got out his key and opened and there was all these angles. He told me that were slave bangles. And I felt dizzy. As almost as if I've had I've had a shot of vodka vodka that the room started spinning. And I think there was about 20 bracelets in there. But I saw the one and I picked it up. And something happened to me my body started tingling, and I couldn't put it on my arm because it was too small because what they would do is they put it on the slaves and open it and then willed it on. So it couldn't be taken off. But I held it in my head. And I said to him, Look, do you mind if I just sit down for a minute and close my eyes. And this woman came to me, it was the strangest thing. And it was so real right in this room. I saw her in my mind's eye. I didn't see her with my physical eyes. It was unbelievable. And she looked like a slave and I saw markings on her arm and, and cuts. And she looked at me with her eyes wide open. And she couldn't believe even though we looked different. She couldn't believe it was her. And she started crying. And she said, you're free? And I said yes I am. And she said, This is so amazing. My life has been worth it. I will die in peace to think that one day, I will be free and so many more things happened and I saw her life. I saw her beatings, I saw her rape, I saw how she was taken horrific life, but with past lives, you you feel the emotion, you don't feel the pain. And she said, I'm free. But I saw her that I mean, so many more things happened. And then I had dreams that night. But that experience taught me about the strength and the tenacity to go on to hope. And she was a kind person, she was a loving person, despite what happened to her. And I remember she said to me, how amazing to be able to walk alone as a woman to be able to sit when your body is weary to be able to drink when you're thirsty to be able to eat, when you're hungry to say no, when you don't want your body to be abused. She she was so clear or these messages and she said, had to clothe yourself when you don't wish to be naked. It was so profound and her heart opened, I saw her heart and it beamed into my heart. And there was just such love there. It was really, really an amazing experience. Then man continued to talk and I gave him back the bracelet, I thought of purchasing it. But I didn't want to I I will always remember that experience in my heart. And it's funny, we went downstairs, he was this short little man. And I said You sure you don't want to buy anything else? And I said, No. Maybe I'll come another day. And he said, Do you want me to tell you the secret to life? And I said yes, I I'd love you to. And he said well, I'm an old he was an old man. He said I'm an old man. But the secret to life is to always follow your heart.

Jannecke Øinæs 24:12

Oh, wow, that is a truly beautiful experience. What What I find interesting is that all the people I interviewed have so many different spiritual experiences. And it seems so individual and so tailored to that one person like I've never experienced anything similar like you I've never heard anything similar, like standing in a shop.

Luica Carel 24:37

I know I don't go searching for these things. I mean, I can tell you another one if you want me to, which was kind of like a bleed over.

Jannecke Øinæs 24:45

Yeah, but love to.

Luica Carel 24:47

Um so I just want to say with past life memories, then they don't happen when I'm sleeping. They happen when I'm awake or thinking or when I'm not thinking about past It's in those quiet moments and it's just annoying you know you might it's almost like a knowing you know, your partner's come home, you can't hear them but you are your child's home from school. It's just knowing I, I'll just briefly tell you about these ones. So I learned such strength and such courage from this woman. And I learned that I'm free. Aside from that, from that past, past life, which is happening now. My another life, I don't I don't know the date, it was desert. In Africa, I do believe a lot of 1000s of years ago, I know my name was picture. And I remember waking up in a cave, a cave was dark, I saw light outside and there were guards outside. All of it generally is communicated telepathically. They said she's awake. I wasn't afraid. I do believe they were protecting me. There was an army with me. And they said we have to move on because there's a dead desert storm coming. I'm not saying I'm you know, some people say I was an Egyptian princess. But I believe I was a woman, a revered woman who had a gift of sight. So we traveled for a long distance, I was in a almost a carriage basic carriage being pulled by horses. And there was a small army with us. And we came to a big fork as big sad stone or I don't even know the name of the stone, but a massive fort in the middle of the desert, probably a town that was enclosed from reading tribes. And I remember they asked me to get out of the carriage. And they said, Can you check for danger? Can we go in and it was so clear, and I can do it now. So this gave me this incredible gift. I go up, I went up through the top of my head. And I can scan almost like a blueprint. I can't see colors and details. But what they might its sole purpose. And it was probably a great gift in those times is I could look for soldiers or danger. I could see and sense the feeling of the people. So I went up in my head and I looked at the four corners and almost like an architectural drawing to see it What if it was safe to knock and ask for shelter for the night. And after I did that, I wasn't flying. It was almost like I went up through my head. I filling it out. It's like a lightness like a feather. almost looking like through a telescope with a little hole. But I wasn't me I was me. But another conscious or consciousness. I was my consciousness. And it's very interesting. And I'm digressing. But I can do this now with houses people say is my house haunted. And I can easily go and have a look, I could feel I can since I could say I can see the whole house like almost like a blueprint and architectural drawing. It's very interesting. So we went in and we stayed for the night, the guards wouldn't leave around my carriage and they said we have to leave. It's not safe, it's time to move on. But before that, I knew that there was a woman upstairs. Three levels up there. It was very old, poor town buildings. And I said you have to go and get her. And to the I had a main guard, this is kind of confusing. I had a main guard. And as he said, Okay, he held my hand which was not necessarily appropriate. In those days, I do believe I was I revealed woman that was not allowed to touch women or to be with a man because the belief was I would lose my power. It was so real. So he went up, there was a woman being held. And I said you have to go and get her. He was injured during that battle to take the woman. But for somehow I put my hand on him and it healed anyway, the woman came in the carriage. And I said, Don't worry, it's going to be okay. And she was so grateful that I had saved her. We keep traveling. And I said to her, I need your help. I'm pregnant, and I'm not allowed to be pregnant. And she said okay, and this went on for a few days. But that bleed over problem was because it was so real and I don't think I'm explaining myself correctly in This one is that I had labor pains as Louisa I was called over, I almost went to the hospital. And it was labor pains, I was having labor pains

Jannecke Øinæs 30:10

without being pregnant without being pregnant.

Luica Carel 30:13

Actually, I was pregnant giving birth to a child in the carriage. It was so exciting. I mean, I've had children before, but it was so excruciating, and so painful, I couldn't get out of bed, I knew exactly what it was, I had to stop this bleed over. Anyway, I had the child, this woman who I'd saved helped me and I asked her to say that she had the child and to raise the child as her own. Because I wasn't allowed to have children. This is a long story, but it's just so real. So I remember getting out of the carriage, she held the baby and said it was hers. The really interesting thing about this is not that I need not only that I had the bleed over. But I know in my heart that this woman that raised my child for me and pretended it was hers and was my assistant, was my nanny. And the child that I had, without a fraction of doubt, in my mind was my niece, who I adopted through unfortunate circumstances, I hadn't adopted her when I had this vision in this life, or Yes, i Yes, in this life, I had to adopt my niece for three terrible circumstances. I had these visions of extra before I had before I adopted my niece, and the nanny who was the nanny in this life, who pretended to have the child for me, it's not a question in my mind that the same people.

Jannecke Øinæs 31:52

Wow, fascinating. It seems like a gift you have. And I think we have different gifts that you have a gift in dreaming of having symbolic dreams and also remembering past lives. Have you asked sort of wondered about why you remembered these experiences? I mean, most of us don't?

Luica Carel 32:19


Jannecke Øinæs 32:22

is some chair or teach about do you feel sort of it's part of your soul plan?

Luica Carel 32:30

I think I think I have. Again, I don't even ask for these experiences. I think I have an open a level of consciousness. I believe we all can have these experiences. It's about believing and trusting what I just want to say again, what it really taught me and it's almost like, you know, if you can't do a handstand, and you can do one, you remember what it's like. So this gift, I remembered what it was like the feeling of it, and I could do it. So that was the gift that taught me but it also taught me how interconnected and inter woven and like an intricate spider web we are all connected on so many levels.

Jannecke Øinæs 33:11

Yeah. That is so fascinating. And you also remembered a future life?

Luica Carel 33:19


Jannecke Øinæs 33:21

How is that?

Luica Carel 33:22

I mean? Um, so this is when I started walking a lot, just thinking about passion harvest and what I was going to do with my life and how I was going to start, and I was so nervous, and my family would think I was so weird interviewing all these weird people. I know. So I walked a lot. I walked and walked and walked. And then one day, I didn't know what happened to me. So again, it's almost like a dream with a dream. You can have a dream that might last for hours, weeks, months, but really, it's only could have been half an hour. So I'm awake, and I'm walking. And I shift consciousness or realities. And I thought I was kidding. I thought I was being kidnapped. Not me. But this version of me was being kidnapped. I was picked up in the airport, taking in a black car. There was a man in the car and we were driving through the countryside. I renew what we did in Europe, and there was miles and miles of forests. And then I came back to Louisa and I thought what was it that that's that's just the strangest thing ever. And I couldn't. This happened over a year. And I couldn't choose to have it. I couldn't go then when I wanted to. But it would happen about once a month. I would be walking. I'd be transported to this other version and I knew it was the future. I just knew it was the possible future. I call it future memories. And this man would pick me up from the airport and we drive and I wasn't afraid anymore. I got to know him. Well, we didn't talk, we communicated telepathically, I did love him in some way. I remember looking out the window, and you know, when you're going really fast in the car and the trees going by. And this happened, and we just kept driving. But then one day I called him Edward. I didn't even know what his real name was. But I knew he was real. And it was a future version. And then one day we arrived at his house. This is happening while I'm walking on what while I'm awake, but it's like, I'm transported to Louisa a different version of Louisa. So we arrived at his house, a beautiful house. And again, I'm consciousness. I put myself in his cupboard, which is kind of bizarre. I don't know why I was in the cupboard, but I could consciously travel around his whole house and I could see him. And I remember him knowing I was there and looking for me. But he couldn't find me. And I remember him opening cupboards. And I remember time and time again, I would be transported there. And he'd be lying on his bed, and I would kiss him on the cheek. And I would say, Edward, come and find me. So one day, I'm in the cupboard at the top of the cupboard. And he's opening, you know, wardrobes and things saying, Where are you? Where are you? And he looks up, and he sees me. Conch, our eyes like if we had eyes, but we didn't have eyes. And I knew then that he would find me. There was not even a hurry. I just knew it was going to happen. I call him inward. And then one day, I'm sure you do as well. I have lots of emails. And this man said all you know, on the Wall Street hedge fund guy, and can we meet on Zoom? I think I can help you and your question. I thought that is so rude. Like, I'm not on a quest. I'm not going to meet you because I'm strange person on Zoom. And that night, I went to bed and I couldn't sleep. And I thought, maybe he's really bad. Why is this person contacting me? And then the message came to me it's Edward. And I thought, no, no, no, no, that's not possible. So I asked my guides, and I said, Is this Edward? And they said, Yes. I think I swore I said, Oh, my God, I can't believe this is happening. So again, this is overcoming fear. So we'd arranged to meet in on a week in zoom. And I thought, well, he's gonna think this is me still in my fear state. And he's gonna think I'm weird. I can't tell him. I've been meeting him for the last year, he might think I'm some bizarre stalker that I didn't even choose to be. I can't tell him that he's Edward. And I remember going to the beach that day before the zoom, our zoom chat. And I said, if I'm the passion, Ambassador, I'm going, am I going to make a choice from love or fear? Anyway, we met, he told me, he talked a lot. And at the end, I said, Look, I have something to tell you. I think I was sweating at the time. And he told me and he said, that's the most amazing thing I've ever heard. We'll just then COVID hit. And we talked a lot. And eventually I went to see him in France. And we caught up. He's now my absolute best friend and he lives 10 minutes away. Oh, wow. That's Edward, and he's got the exact same cupboard. Oh, wow. And it's just the most amazing connection. So Oh, that's

Jannecke Øinæs 38:42

such a beautiful story. Yeah. I am so fascinated by your experiences and they're quite mystical and symbolic and to me, you appears quite mystical. A woman.

Luica Carel 38:55

Well, I'm not always I've got paint on my arms. I've been painting. I've spent a lot of time at the garden.

Jannecke Øinæs 39:03

Thank you for sharing. You are passionate about following your passion. Do you have any advice for those who wants to follow their passion on how to you know find their calling how to take that step and change their lives transform their lives? It? You know, you moved to France, you left the marriage? That's very brave. Do you have any advice on that like how to take that first step towards our calling?

Luica Carel 39:36

Well, I think we always know what we want and fear holds us back. I'm not saying do anything dramatic, but knowing that your soul wants you to grow and expand and fear can often keep you safe, which sometimes is a good thing. But if you I really believe the purpose of our life here is to be the full creative expression of who we are to sing our Hearts song and you can't get it wrong, there is no right or wrong choice. It's only it's only a choice and things can change. Do what lights you up, do what feels good without. And people often think passion has to be career but without without a predetermined and on the outcome, you see your angels or your guides, or your higher self, or your intuition is always always guiding you by what feels good, what feels right. So you can start with baby steps by doing the smallest thing to make yourself feel better, and it does actually raise your vibration and what we what we what will, what's within is without our internal landscape is reflected in our external landscape. So start with what feels good, what excites you? And if you don't know what excites you, well, what did you like as a child? What movies do you like? Have a look around your office desk? Or your room or your kitchen? What are the most things you've got around you? What colors do you like? What would make you afraid? And sometimes the best thing is just to do it.

Jannecke Øinæs 41:17

You're so right. Actually, I have a webinar about this. And I really resonate with what you're saying, because I'm speaking about the same especially what did you love to do as a child because then I feel like we are in our true essence. And like you had you know that out of body experience, and you said you, you were open to these experiences, and then you sort of suppress them because life happens. And I also find your story really inspiring, you know, being brave, taking those bold steps and doing what you're doing today. And like you're saying, you're really happy in your life, passionate about your life now. And I hope that shows like ours really inspire people to take that leap of faith, those who are feeling that, you know, I'm not living that big life, or that passionate life that I I know, deep down that is mine, you know, is my soul path.

Luica Carel 42:11

It doesn't have to be life changing. To start with, I always say to people, like, you don't want to be on your deathbed and say, I wish I'd done that I wished I'd love more. I wish I told her whom I loved her. I wish I'd taken that trip. Life's too short. If people you know, people are so afraid of dying, many people are but so many are afraid of living.

Jannecke Øinæs 42:36

Yeah, that is so true. And from my experience doing these interviews, there's no fear of dying, like, that's going to be quite amazing. But we're here for a reason, for a very important reason. And this is, like understood that this life is super important because it affects actually my other lives. My future lives. What I'm doing now is super important. And also for the whole. And I believe that, you know, your spirit and soul wanted you to live this life. But it's also that you had I believe, from my perspective, a job like a service to do like you were meant to do this because it will benefit so many more. You know, so I think it was a deep recalling there if you wouldn't have followed that passion harvest wouldn't have existed, you know, and all these people are watching your show. I mean, it does influence people.

Luica Carel 43:34

And the incredible work you do. I mean, I had a guest the other day that said you know all these incredible shows like passion harvest and like yours as well. There is an angel related to that show. So wisdom from the North has an angel guiding it.

Jannecke Øinæs 43:53

Oh, that's beautiful. Thank you for that. So Louisa there are three questions I asked all my guests. Okay. All right. So what is self love to you?

Luica Carel 44:06

Self love my gosh, that's a hard one. No, it's not hard. Well, self love is hard. To really honor yourself to realize that I'm still learning this to realize that you're worthy to be able to receive and not to give all the time I'm a big giver, but I'm not that good at receiving to. to not worry what people think to make choices based on love to run yourself a bath and make yourself a nice dinner just for you or tidy the house. Follow you do things that make you feel special to honor yourself that really to me is self love and to sometimes talk to your inner child and tell them you love them. I'll talk to you yourself how when was the last time you said I love you and looked in the mirror? That's self love that's start

Jannecke Øinæs 45:08

beautiful and what is happiness to you?

Luica Carel 45:13

Happiness is a choice. We, it's very hard to say we choose suffering the terrible terrible if happiness is a choice, our birth, our freedom, our birthright is to choose how we feel. I don't I'm not always I'm not a master at this all the time. But, you know, despite what happens to us, externally, we always have a choice how we perceive it and how we think about it. Happiness really is the choice and the more you fake it till you make it, it gets easier. But it's about looking with a positive outlet, look at finding the joy or the best possible things in that situation. That to me is happiness and it really changes your life. You have a choice. This is your birthright, no one can take that away from you.

Jannecke Øinæs 46:02

So the big one, what is the deeper deeper meaning of life from your perspective,

Luica Carel 46:09

it changes all the time I change my mind. I mean, the deeper meaning of life is again, it's about self love. It's really honoring yourself. When you can be in your full, authentic true loving power. Not only do you radiate love but you really radiate it to everyone else. So the meaning is live is to understand that you are a powerful, wonderful, infinite, divine spiritual being. And there really is no into life. It's a continuous cycle of life and death. Just be you don't want to Dr. Zeus say there is no one here that's you with a new

Jannecke Øinæs 46:54

I love that. There's no one here you are then you so much, Louisa. I am excited to keep following your your show. And your podcasts. Thank you so much for doing what you're doing if we're coming to the show today.

Luica Carel 47:09

Oh gee, Nick, thank you so much. And I have to say thank you. Follow you because you put the work you do is incredible. So thank you so very much. It's my pleasure.

Jannecke Øinæs 47:19

Thank you. Thank you for watching. Much Light bye bye

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