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Lilli Bendriss is a Norwegian medium, an author, a channeler and a celebrity in Norway. She has written two books and appears regularly on the show: “The House of Spirits” on TV Norway (Åndenes Makt på TV Norge). Lilli received an abrupt awakening at the age of 42 when an acupuncture needle was placed below her stomach and she started communicating with spirits as well as beings from another Galaxy. Lilli also channels The Language of Light, a language with a high vibrational frequency which is meant to raise our energy.

  • Dear Lilli

    I came across your utube video and was much impressed. Please tell me if you have sessions that are open to people to book with you, and if so what type of sessions would they be. Please also inform me if you provide sessions such as “past life regression”. I live in the UK and will be most delighted to travel to Norway if that is where you are based. Looking forward to your response. Best regards

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