Have you ever met someone who identifies as a businesswoman, inventor, and a “buffet of psychicness”? Meet Julie Ryan, a fascinating woman who has seamlessly woven her business acumen with an extraordinary spiritual journey.

In this interview, Julie shares her unique perspective on spirituality, revealing that she didn’t come into this world with spirits chasing her, nor did she have prior knowledge of such encounters. Instead, she embarked on a path of learning and self-discovery, unlocking a myriad of psychic abilities that she believes everyone possesses.

Everyone has the inherent psychic ability

According to Julie, everyone has the inherent ability to connect with the spirit world; it’s just a matter of developing and enhancing those skills. Through her work, she teaches people worldwide how to tap into their spiritual potential, emphasizing that once the connection with spirit is established, one can explore various psychic realms without segregation.

Julie is not just a spiritual guide; she’s a multifaceted individual. With a YouTube channel and a podcast, “Ask Julie Ryan” she engages with a global audience, sharing her knowledge and experiences. As if that weren’t enough, Julie is also an accomplished author, having penned Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next.*

Julie Ryan’s pivotal moment

Her journey into the spiritual realm started three decades ago when a friend gifted her a book by Carolyn Myss, a medical intuitive. Intrigued by this unfamiliar term, Julie delved into the world of energetic healing. A pivotal moment occurred when she stumbled upon Hands of Light* by Barbara Brennan, a former NASA physicist turned energetic healing expert. This discovery led Julie to study with a practitioner for six years.

Despite skepticism from those around her, questioning her motives for delving into the metaphysical, Julie persisted in her studies while juggling the roles of a mother, wife, and successful businesswoman. Fast forward 30 years, and Julie now dedicates her time fully to spiritual teachings, having sold her surgical device manufacturing company.

Julie’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of embracing the unknown and trusting the journey, no matter how unconventional it may seem.

NDE versus transition into death

In the realm of spirituality and transition, Julie sheds light on recent research conducted by Dr. Christopher Kerr in New York. Over the past five years, Dr. Christopher Kerr’s work has unveiled fascinating insights. Nearly 90% of individuals approaching the end of their lives reported encountering the spirits of departed loved ones and pets.

This revelation aligns with Julie’s own experiences in witnessing the faces of transition. However, she distinguishes between near-death experiences and the transition into death. According to Julie, those who undergo near-death experiences often bring back transformative insights, applying them to their earthly lives. This is in contrast to individuals in the throes of the 12 Phases of Transition®, where the focus is on departing this lifetime and journeying back to a place Julie describes as heaven. In her unique perspective, Julie paints a vivid picture of what heaven looks and feels like, providing a captivating glimpse into the mysteries that await us beyond the mortal realm.

Transcript of the interview

Julie Ryan 0:00

People stress out about dying. He's like, it's glorious. There's nothing to be afraid of everybody goes to heaven. Heaven looks like this big huge plasma wall. Once we get on the other side, all our deceased loved ones, and our pets, and everybody that we ever loved, that were there in the room with us as we were transitioning. They're all there in heaven to waiting for us. And I call them the Welcome to heaven committee.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:32

Hello, Julie, a warm welcome to the show.

Julie Ryan 0:35

Thanks so much for having me. What a delight to be with you.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:39

I'm excited for our conversation today, because I just met you last week, I was interviewed by you on your show, ask Julie. And you asked so many interesting questions. And I love that like, you know, questions that people don't always ask me. And now I'm curious to get to know you. Because you have your YouTube channel, ask Julian your podcast, and you're doing so much amazing work, you are an author of the angelic attendance. You also have psychic abilities. And you also have sort of seen that faces of our transition, like when we die, we're going through different phases, which I'm really curious to learn more about. So I think we'll go down that path to speak about, you know, the afterlife. And if you know, our loved ones are really waiting for us how this work with because I find it very soothing for people who are losing people have lost people, and you're in this work yourself, you know, working with clients who lost people. So I feel this is important information.

Julie Ryan 1:46

I agree. Absolutely. So any I'm game for anything you want to ask girl Ask away.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:54

Lovely. First, I'm curious about Have you always had these abilities? Or did you cultivate them? Or Did something happen that sort of cracked you open?

Julie Ryan 2:05

I learned how to do I tell people that I'm a businesswoman and an inventor? Who learned how to do whoo, whoo. And I'm a buffet of psychicness. So how about that? So, in short, yes, I learned how to do all of this stuff, I did not come in with dead people chasing me. Or if they were, I didn't know anything about it, let alone what I would have done with that information. So I learned how to do all of these skills. And everybody comes in with the ability. It's just a matter of developing and enhancing it. And this is what I teach people around the world how to do is how to do all the once you connect with spirit, you can do it all. There's no reason to segregate it or silo it, you got the pet psychics in the mediums and the medical intuitive people and all that once you connect with spirit, you can do it all. That's what I teach.

Jannecke Øinæs 3:01

So explain to us how your abilities work. What are you actually seeing because I understand that you scan people's energies, and you look into our bodies, or?

Julie Ryan 3:12

Yes, now like I'm like a human MRI, I am an inventor of surgical devices sold throughout the world on a former manufacturer of surgical devices. And so I have a general understanding of medical stuff. Now I have an anatomy book with big full color pictures of what the vascular system looks like, and what the heart looks like or what the kidneys look like. And I've used those over the years. But, but yeah, I connect to somebody anywhere in the world. And it says if I'm looking at an x ray or a CT scan, or an MRI, and I can see in my mind's eye broken bones, torn ligaments, viral infections, bacterial infections, whatever. And then I watch energetic healings happen with that person. And the work that I do. Yanaka I believe complements Western medicine as we know it. So you go see your doctor on the physical and the healings already happened on the energetic but the physical just needs a little help to integrate it into the body.

Jannecke Øinæs 4:16

I would love to get to know how you got into this in the first place. I believe there must be a story there. Because for me, you know, I've always been curious about these questions. But then I had my depression. And I started searching. And I believe maybe if I didn't have done a depression, maybe I wouldn't have been doing what I'm doing today. You know, because I really am passionate about people finding their purpose us opening up more about these questions learning about the questions of have live like why we're here. So why did you become so passionate about this?

Julie Ryan 4:53

Well, 30 years ago, I had a girlfriend give me a book for my birthday called anatomy of the spirit by Carolyn Mays, and she called herself a medical intuitive. And I thought, What the heck is that? I'd never heard that term before. And I read her book. And back then we didn't have the internet yet. So I did the old fashioned thing. And I went to a bookstore to see what else was there about this. Now mind you, I was in the medical supply business for I had been for 10, almost 10 years at that point, I had started my first company and invented my first product, and it was being sold throughout the world. And so I thought, Okay, this is interesting. I want to know more. So I went to a bookstore, I found a book called Hands of light, by Barbara Brennan, who's a former NASA physicist, she was a rocket scientist, truly, who parlayed very complex quantum physics principles into understandable English, English, as it pertained to energetic healing. And I read her book, and I wanted to know more. So what I did was I called her school to see if there was anybody in my area teaching what she devised, or whatever her techniques were. And sure enough, there was and so I studied with that woman for six years. And the whole the whole time Yannick, it was so funny, because people were saying, Well, what are you going to do with this?

Why are you studying this? I don't know. Why are you spending all this money on this? I don't know. In the meantime, I was a mom, I was a wife. I was a business woman. I was running companies at multiple companies at that point. But I was being led to learn this stuff. And now fast forward 30 years later, and I do it full time, I sold my surgical device manufacturing company. And I thought, all right, what am I going to do next? And I'm a serial entrepreneur. I've founded nine companies in five industries in my lifetime. So I thought, Well, okay, I guess I'm being led to do this. What what was stuff? And that's where it's all developed from there.

Jannecke Øinæs 7:06

I love that, especially that you're saying woowoo? Because, yeah, I mean, I can imagine from what you were doing before, it seems like quite a jump and a leap. And I hear many people are saying the same that they just felt called to do it. And it feels like you're almost cannot not do it. You just have to do it. They do feel it that strongly. Oh,

Julie Ryan 7:28

I have a fun story about how what was the catalyst to really get me from learning this stuff to actually doing something with it. And one day, I was at my mentor and teacher's office, and she was doing an energetic healing on me. And when that happens, I'm laying face up on a massage table, and I got a blankie on and I'm all warm and snuggly, and you know, comfy and my deceased loved ones spirits line the sides of the table, and they participate in the healing and I can see them in my mind's eye. So when de Yannick at this dead Pope shows up at the end of the table down on the left corner on the table. It has Pope hat on and his vestments and had a shepherd's rod the whole nine yards. And I said, Well, who are you? And he said, I'm Clement. And I said, I had never heard of a Pope Clement. Now I went through 12 years of Catholic schools. I'd heard of a lot of Pope's but I'd never heard of a Clement. And he laughed, and he said, Well, I was number six. I said, Great. What can I do for you kind of like, why are you here? And he said, You're supposed to teach the world what happens when somebody dies? And I laughed, and I said, Ah, that's not gonna happen. I'm a business woman, and everybody will think I'm nuts. You said, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, just get on with it. And he said, Everybody's so afraid of what's going to happen. And it's nonsense. He says, It's glorious, and you know that you can see it. So you're supposed to teach everybody what happens and everything you've done in your career is going to lead you has led you to this place and will continue to lead you in helping teach people what happens. So I'm like, Yeah, whatever. I'm not doing that. My mentor, Susan could see this guy too, and could hear him, his spirit, Pope Clement the sixth. So I kept in my car to go home yada. And just for kicks, I looked him up on the internet on my phone. Turns out this guy was in office during the black plague, where two thirds of Europe died. And he's best known for his prayers for the dying and his prayers for the dead. And I thought, Julie, you can't make that up. I've never heard of this guy. And then that's what he's best known for. So fast forward a couple of years and I'm sitting in church, between my husband and my son. And the priest from the altar says, wouldn't it be nice if somebody could tell us if really angels and our loved ones greet us and lead us into paradise? You know, latest to heaven? And I'm getting elbowed on either side from my husband and my son. And so I'm saying, Okay, God, really from the pulpit in the middle of charge, you're giving me grief about this. And so that was really the final catalyst to get me to do something with this. And that's when I wrote Angelica tendons, what really happens as we transition from this life into the next.

Jannecke Øinæs 10:25

Beautiful, I'm so glad you're following your calling. And I'm very curious about you know, the different phases, because that's something I haven't heard before. I've interviewed many who have died and come back, and I assume, you know, there are some phases, it's just something I haven't, you know, thought about. So, please share, like how this first came into your awareness that there are 12 phases that happens before we die? And how does that work? You know, does it happen instantly? Or? Yeah, there's a lot of questions there. So so how did you become aware of that?

Julie Ryan 11:02

When my mother was dying in 2002, I had been studying the the energy healing. And that that was the thing that really drew me in was the energy healing. That was what I was the most fascinated with. And as I mentioned before, once you connect with spirit, then you can do it all, there's no reason to segregate the different different types of, you know, talking to dead people or doing medical stuff or talking to pets. But the phases of transition I call the 12. Phases of transition are a configuration of angels and the spirits of deceased loved ones and pets, that change as we get closer to death. And it's a glorious scene. And what I find is that you can go through this instantly, like in a case of a homicide or suicide, or it can take days, weeks, months, years, even. I had a gal that called into my show for two years, and her dad was dying of Alzheimer's, he had Alzheimer's. And he was in phase 11, and 1212 is you're being escorted to heaven by angels. But this is ancient, ancient information that I've just put into understandable language and, and graphics so that people can really figure out what's going on. So for instance, there's a prayer set at the end of every Catholic funeral called in para de som, and it talks about the angels and your loved ones will greet you and lead you into paradise. Well, that's what I see in the 12 phases of transition. So when I was writing angelic attendance, I thought, Well, I'm gonna Research's see where this you know, in parody, some prayer, which is Latin for into paradise, where did that originate? And what I learned Jonica was that it started as a fifth century Gregorian chant. So perhaps it took till the fifth century, till somebody was well educated enough that they could really write down what everybody saw back then. And I think probably up until maybe a couple 100 years ago, when we've become more proof based, I think everybody's intuitive. And I think we've seen this since the beginning of time, that maybe it took till the fifth century till somebody was educated enough that they could read and write. And most of the most well educated people were men living in monasteries and synagogues. So I picture some monk, you know, writing this down as a chant as a Gregorian chant, and then it's come down as a prayer. I just get to see in my mind's eye what's happening.

Jannecke Øinæs 13:42

Alright, so would you like to share some of the faces because I bet people are really curious about some Yeah, yeah, phase

Julie Ryan 13:49

one, it and there's a chart of this on my website as Julie ryan.com. And people can download it for free. So I always say if you have somebody at the end of their life, or somebody who's just died, download it, save it on your phone, and as your loved one is getting closer and closer to death, just ask in your mind, what phase is my grandmother in what phase of transitions my grandmother and you're going to hear a number be like four, seven, or whatever. That's the number coming from spirit and then you refer to the chart, and it gives you a sense of comfort and peace in it as a glorious component to what is normally a heart wrenching experience when we're losing a loved one. And we're all gonna go through the 12 phases of transition because we're all gonna die at some point. Right? So it really adds comfort to the whole dying process. When we're dying. Our spirit is in is holographic and surrounds our body. It's all intertwined as I perceive it, and so the Spirit starts to exit the body and it comes out through the top of the head, it looks like a speech bubble on a cartoon, where it's the character's thoughts or words what they're saying. And then the first person does show up is the closest maternal Spirit, who to the person who's dying. So if your mom's still alive, it may be your maternal grandmother, if she's still alive, it'll be her mother, always on the maternal line. That really surprised me, Annika, I thought it'd be that person's guardian angel, or that maybe, maybe God had like special angels of death that he would dispatch, it was somebody's time. You know, to come back to him, it really surprised me that it was the maternal spirit closest to the person who's dying. Although the more I thought about it, I thought, well, you know, moms take care of their children, their whole lives, we think when they're raised, that, you know, we're done. Being a mom, we're never done being a mom. And I'm here to tell you that moms are doing the mom thing from the grave, too. So they are the ones that are running the show, the second spirit that comes in is the paternal spirit. So that person's Dad, if their dad is still alive, it's going to be the maternal grandfather. Again, it's always going to be on the maternal side of the equation. I think it's interesting on that maternal line thing, because there are cultures and religions that focus on the maternal line. For instance, if a child is born of a Jewish mother, that child is considered Jewish, but if a child whose dad is Jewish, but the mom's a Gentile, that baby's not considered a Jew, the mom has to be a Jew. Which is why oftentimes, if a Gentile woman is marrying a Jewish man, and they want to raise the children, Jewish, the woman will convert to Judaism, which I think is fascinating. So that correlates with what I see happening with the mom running the show the moms spirit. So that's the first thing then the mom brings in the angels. And the angels, the parents spirits will be at the person's feet. And then this circle of angels that are anchored by the parents will be the next phase. And these are big ol angels Yanaka. They're, they're like, six, seven feet tall, they got big wings, they're wearing white gowns, they got up, belt made a rope, they're barefoot, they got long hair cascading down, you know, on their shoulders. And they're there. And they're part of the excuse me, I call it the Welcome to heaven committee. And so is that what angels really look like? So what they look like to me, because that's what I was taught how they look, you know, my Catholic girls. So that's what they look like in the statuary and the paintings. That's what I was taught somebody growing up in, in indigenous cultures, say in the middle of the Amazon, well, they may see Angel energy as just a purple blob. So I think it's important to remember that we're going to perceive spirit, based on our frame of reference from our experience in our lifetime, so we can understand who it is, and get a sense for that. So the angels are in a circle, the parents are at the foot of the person who's dying. As the person gets closer and closer to death as the phases go through, that circle opens up into a horseshoe, and then eventually forms a straight line across the foot of the bed. Now, this pertains back to what I said before where there's somebody's dying in a bed, whether they die instantly, in a car accident, or whatever. I'm just using this as our frame of reference. couple of interesting things happen along the way. More and more spirits of deceased loved ones from all lifetimes show up. And how I can tell they're from different lifetimes is they'll be in period dress. So I may see people that are dressed in Renaissance era clothes, I may see again see in my mind's eye, I may see people dressed in like, turn of the 20th century clothing or 1960s Wait, go go boots and miniskirts whatever. And so they come in more and more spirits. As part of the Welcome to heaven committee. Keep coming in. Men, pet spirits come in. And that's hilarious when that starts to show up when those pet spirits start to show up. Because, you know, they look like what they look like when they were alive. I will say to the villi okay, there's a collie dog there there's a German Shepherd. There's a little flute food dog looks like it's a shitzu or something. I'll see horses cows farm animals. It just goes on and on bunny rabbits, ducks, whatever. And so what I'll see the farm animals and the non traditional pet animals, I'll say, Okay, did your grandma grow up on a farm? Because there's cows and horses and chicks and ducks? And they'll say, yeah, that cow and I'll describe the cat looks like this. Uh, yeah, that was dairy cow. And her name was Bessie and her horses name was trigger or whatever. It's wild, because people recognize these animals spirits, and they can name them, they know exactly who they are. When my mother was dying, there were these dogs spirits that were there. And I didn't know who they were. I figured they were had been there when she was a child, because the dogs that we'd had in my lifetime, as a family were there. Their spirits were there, our white German Shepherd and a child dog that we had when I was a kid. So anyways, when my uncle came in from my mother's funeral, I was describing these dogs to him, and he said, Oh, yeah, that's rowdy, and that Susie, and he knew exactly who they were. So they'll be there. And then a couple of other interesting nuances that happened during the phases in phase, about going from around phase six. That spirit bubble I talked about at the top of the head that's hanging on, while somebody is dying in the phases of dying, there are two extra angels that show up on either side of the Spirit bubble, I call it and about phase nine ish or so their wings start to move. Now this was wild, when I saw this for the first time with my mom, I'm used to it now. But their wings moved and yada, they reminded me of a giant owl. You know, if you watch a documentary on a giant owl, you can almost feel the drag of their wings, and they're silent. But you can feel that the motion of the air under their wings. So I'm watching this with my mom. And I'm starting to see a vortex form above her head. And I can see it and I can feel it has an upward pole in it. And I can hear it. And it reminds me of going through one of those car washes where you stay in the car. And at the end, they're turning the dryer on and it's sucking all the water off the car. That's what it reminds me of. And when this was happening with my mom, I thought, well, this is going to be interesting. Let's let's I wonder what's going to happen. I knew it was playing a role. I just didn't know how because I had never seen it before.

Well, that's exactly where their spirit goes through a lot of near death. experiencers will talk about going through a tunnel. That's the tunnel. And that's what helps take the spirit and detach it from the body. And then those angels on either side of the Spirit bubble is scored that person to heaven. And I'll explain that in a second. The interesting thing about the tunnel though, and the angels wings moving to create this vortex is I thought this this is fascinating because it's a phenomenon in the spirit world that's causing something I can feel in my human body. And I can hear it. So I researched it when I was writing angelic attendance come to find out there's this thing called the wingtip vortex, which is a phenomenon that happens with everything that flies, whether it be a bird, a plane, a bug, a kite, a jet, whatever, it doesn't matter. And the movement of the air under the wings causes a vortex causes vortices to form on either side of the wings, and it causes lift. So if you go look up wingtip vortex, you will find probably hundreds of 1000s of aeronautical engineering drawings, and Eriko aeronautical engineering articles and things like that on the wingtip vortex. And that's what happens when somebody's tying again, I'm thinking okay, I can't make this stuff up. I never heard of the wingtip vortex but boy, I sure watched it with my mother and I've seen it 1000s of times since. Yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 24:28

right. Did you first time see it with your mother and then you start to see it again and again with your clients or as

Julie Ryan 24:35

all the phases of transition I see with everybody that's dying. And people call into my show and they'll say my granddad is dying. Can you tell me what phase is in or though? They'll submit a question online or, or something like that? Yeah. And then and then we can tell in a second. Okay, here's where he is. And they're always three questions that I asked when somebody is dying and I and I, this is what I teach to people all over the world. So there's people all over the world doing the 12 phases of transition. And the three questions that I always ask you, Anika are, are you ready to go? Now? Tell me yes or no. Are you in pain? Yes or no? What do you need? And they'll tell me, and that'll range from waiting for my daughter to arrive to say goodbye. I want to go home to things that are complicated. Here's where my will is. Here's the bank. Here's the street corner. Here's the lockbox inside the bank, the safety deposit box. I've even gotten stuff like that. May I share my favorite story, though, of what somebody told me where they were dying, please, there was a woman whose dad was I think he was probably about 90. And he was in intensive care. And he was hanging on hanging on hanging on. And so I was in touch with her. And she said, What is he waiting for? He kept saying, I want her to file my quarterly estimated taxes. And she said, Oh, for heaven's sakes, why is he care about his taxes? Tell them not to worry about it. Just go out and go to heaven. Go be with my mom, and just, you know, enjoy the ride. So one day, after two weeks of this, she calls me and she says, Can you please find out? What does my dad need to go on and go, they'd had him off the ventilator. You know, they thought he'd go within a matter of minutes here. It's two weeks, he's still hanging on. So he's saying, I want her to file my quarterly estimated taxes. I said to her name's Angela, I said, Angela, go to his house, and, and just go get the taxes and put them in the mailbox. She still hadn't even know where they are. So I'm talking to her dad, who's still in the ICU at the hospital. And he says there in my desk in my bedroom, second middle drawer on the left. I said, Angela, go to his house, go see if they're there. Just I mean, you don't have anything to lose at this point. She does yada. She finds that he has not only signed the taxes, he has written out the check. They're in an envelope. They're in one of those big eight and a half by 11. You know, brown envelopes. All right, stamps are on there and everything. So she calls me she says they're here. I said, Alright, just seal it and put it in the mailbox on your way back to the post office. So she did. She got back, he died within a couple of hours. Now, come to find out, she was the executor of his fairly good size estate. I mean, it wasn't a bazillionaire but he was he had a lot of money. Come to find out by the postmark being the date that he died. It saved her so many headaches in trying to settle his estate. And that's what he was waiting for. You just never know what the stories are gonna be. It's it's so much fun, to be able to, to be just a little teeny teeny part of helping the person who's dying, you know, get their wishes known to their families, and also helping to comfort the family. Just a little bit. Yeah, during the process.

Jannecke Øinæs 28:19

I mean, you have quite the assignments, you know, to teach the world about what you're right, right. Yeah, right. Right. Um, have you been watching a lot of like near death? experiencers and what they tell and does your experience correlate with work there? A lot of what they are saying

Julie Ryan 28:39

parts of it, do parts of it do that the tunnel thing does the all spirits are pure love thing does absolutely Them. Them seeing that? Actually, it's interesting. There's been university based research done in the last five years by a doctor named Chris Coker here in New York, here in America in New York. And his research shows that not close to 90% of people at the end of their lives report seeing the spirits of deceased loved ones and pets as they're approaching death, in his whole book called death has been a dream is all about that. I had him on my show. And I said, I love it when science catches up with woowoo because we've been around a whole lot longer than the science has. But the near death experience is different from the death transition experience. What I've found is they're experiencing something and then near death experience so they can bring it back and live their lives changed in a lot of instances and apply what they saw in that near death experience to their the rest of their human life. And whether that involves teaching other people about it or just within their circle of family and Friends, I don't see somebody going through the near death experience going through the 12 phases of transition. That's a totally different thing because they're having an experience to come back to live their life, whereas the people who are dying are actually transitioning from this lifetime and going back to heaven. gonna explain what heaven it looks like to me and what it feels like. Yeah, yes. That's really interesting. I, you know, I expected St. Peter being in the front of this big stone wall with a clipboard going, Okay, you're allowed in? No, you gotta go burn for eternity. No, you're left, you know, whatever. Kidding. But I did expect something like that. So by the way, hell doesn't exist, everybody goes to heaven. So remember that, you know, hell was created by religions and cultures, to control the masses to get the masses to behave in a certain way. And it's totally a total nonsense. This is part of what Pope Clement the sixth wanted me to teach everybody that he even said that when he first appeared, because this is total nonsense, people stress out about dying, he's like, it's glorious. There's nothing to be afraid of everybody goes to heaven. So heaven looks like this big huge plasma wall. And it's kind of whitish, yellowish. And when we go through it, there's no trace. It's like imagine going through a plasma, but it immediately seals up. And once we get on the other side of the veil, some people call I just call it the heavenly entrance, you know, it's the plasma wall, all our deceased loved ones, and our pets, and everybody that we ever loved, that were there in the room with us, as we were transitioning, they're all there in heaven to waiting for us. And I call them the Welcome to heaven committee. So they're here to greet us and, and welcome us and be with us. Now, interestingly enough, there have been several of my clients and several people that have called into my show, who've said, one guy in particular comes to mind. He said, When I was talking with His Spirit, and his daughter is my client, and we were chatting with His Spirit. And he said, she said, Well, what was it like? He said, the coolest thing was going through that vortex. And he said, it was all this kaleidoscope of colors. It was all these amazing colors that I had never seen before. And he said, we think we can see a lot of colors in the rainbow. He goes, the rainbow is nothing. Where do you see what's in heaven colors like you can't even imagine. But the other thing he said was the most fun part about it was he said it was like a magic trick. Because all of those spirits that were in my room with me as I was dying, they were all in heaven when I got through the wall, he said was amazing. It was like a big magic trick. That cracked me up. I thought that was hilarious. have you

Jannecke Øinæs 33:06

actually been able to see some of heaven? Or did you just see, you know, to a certain degree, like you saw the faces and then it sort of stopped? Or have you had the ability to like peek into

Julie Ryan 33:19

all the time, all the time, spirits will show us in our mind's eye different scenarios. And what they say the most. It's been my experience what they tell me as I'm talking with them and with their deceased loved ones who are my clients is the coolest thing. And heaven when we're in spirit form is they think a thought and it immediately materializes in less than a nanosecond. So I had one deceased dad's spirit, I was talking with his daughter, and he was saying, This is great. I can be playing golf in Scotland in the morning. And I can be ski in the matter horn, you know, immediately as soon as I might be in the middle of like walking down the fairway. And then I think, Oh, it's getting, it's, you know, this is interesting, but I know how this works. And maybe, maybe I'll try skiing, and then they're immediately skiing down the record. And then he may be skiing down the Matterhorn, or he may be halfway down the mountain and then he thinks, oh, maybe I'm gonna go trout fishing, or maybe I'm gonna go salmon fishing in Alaska, and they immediately go to whatever that scene is.

Jannecke Øinæs 34:28

Now, what I get curious about is our personalities, because you said that our family will wait for us, you know, and that's wonderful for me to hear. But how far goes that? I mean, what about if my grandfather who is on the other side wants to reincarnate? Does he have to wait for me to die and how many of them have to wait before they can incarnate and from One perspective, this is a very mind question because in the spirit world, I understand that everything happens at the same time. However, is it possible that my grandfather is reincarnated or grandmother, and that at the same time they're meeting me there when I go over?

Julie Ryan 35:20

Great question hard for us to understand from a human perspective. It's been my experience that I've heard from 1000s and 1000s of spirits is most of our spirit, which is energy stays in heaven, and a fractal of that spirit incarnates in this lifetime. In other lifetimes, I've heard many spirits, and many teachers say, we live multiple lifetimes, concurrently. That makes my human brain want to explode. Just go. How I don't understand it. I don't have a frame of reference for it. When I don't have a frame of reference for something that I hear from spirit or many spirits. Where I go, Yannick is I say to myself, Okay, is it feasible? Yes. Do I understand it now? No. Will I when I get to heaven? Most likely, I believe, yes, I will. I don't think we're supposed to know everything. In our human life. I think we're supposed to explore things. And it leads us our curiosity leads us to create things. And to learn more. And it's not we're always curious, we're always creating new things. One thing I would like to mention about the personality that came to mind when you brought up this question is, the personality of the person stays with the body when somebody dies, all spirits are pure love. Again, that's a concept that's hard for us to really wrap our heads around, simply because we have heard of, even if we haven't known, we've heard of bad people. You know, we've heard of the Hitler's and the other people that were mass murderers, or whatever. And we think, how could that person be pure love? Well, their spirit is pure love, their personality stays with that body. When it dies. It's like they're playing a role in a movie, you understand that better than anybody. So what I hear from actors all the time is, and I'd love to hear your input on this is the most fun roles to play or the villain. Because I've heard that from many well known actors, they say, Yeah, it's fun to play the good guy. But it's really fun to play the bad guy, because you can really delve into the personality and it has so many nuances about it. That's what I hear from spirit that they come in because they want to explore something, say as what we would consider an evil person. Spirit tells me all the time. Everything's neutral in heaven. There's no right. There's no wrong, there's no judgment. Everything's neutral. We incarnate to have an experience. They look at it as just Oh, in an interesting, what do you want to fix? You know what, what she learned from this? And we would look at a situation perhaps is horrific. Let's say oh, my gosh, how awful that she's going through this, then spirits gone. Cool. What's she going to create out of this? How is she going to deal with this? What's how is she going to maneuver this? What she what she got to do? What's her thinking? You know, all of that. So they see that as an experience? Hmm.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:43

Yeah, like when I was in my darkest depression, I felt very frustrated that spirits were not there. And I, I can understand that from their perspective. It's like, oh, yeah, you know, what is she going to do with this? But for me, it was dead serious. And it seems sometimes, like they're not able to understand what we're actually going through, like the suffering is that so that actually, you know, angels and spirits, like they have this distance structurally towards what we're experiencing? Do you get my question?

Julie Ryan 39:22

I do. And the answer is no, that is not the case. They were around you the whole time. You were in a low vibration with the depression, everything that feels bad, every emotion that feels bad, always based in fear. Always, always always. Whether it's anger, grief, boredom, actual fear, whatever jealousy rage whatever. It's all based in fear fears, a low vibration. Spirit doesn't communicate on the I feel crappy channels because the vibrations too low. So spirits a hive vibration. All thoughts have a frequency and they're broadcast on it channels similar to a radio station or a satellite TV station. You know, you might be listening to Classic Rock on 94.7 megahertz. That's the frequency on which that musics being broadcast will say you want to listen to country music? Well, they're not playing that music on the classic rock station, you got to change that channel. Because it's being broadcast on a different station. It's a similar situation with thoughts. Most of us think that our thoughts all originate in our heads, they do not all thoughts come in from the ethers. And they come in on a channel based on what we're thinking about at any given moment. So when we're depressed, or we're feeling blue, you know how you'll have a thought. And then it leads to another thought that that and another thought, another thought another thought before long, you feel awful. Because you've used your imagination to envision all this stuff, that's not most likely going to happen. But that's what's being broadcast on that channel. So I came up with a technique spirit gave me a technique to help with that. May I share it with you? Yeah, sure. I call it the two minute rule. And when you have a thought that feels bad, it's based in fear, two kinds of fear, there's rational fear, there's irrational fear, rational fear is gonna hurt you or even kill you. irrational fears, not just feels like it is. So that's one side of the the equation. The other side is a thought feels good, right? When we have a thought that feels badly, we need to be able to discern Is this a real fear or fake fear? Here's how you do it. You've got a thought, oh, my gosh, I'm late for this meeting. And you're thinking, and it's it's work related. And so we're on that channel of Oh, my gosh, I'm late for this meeting, and you're panicking, and you're in the next thought is, well, if I'm late for this meeting, then my boss is going to be mad if my boss is mad, they may write me up. If I get written up too many times, then I may be put on probation, if I'm put on probation too many times, and I may lose my job. And then my family and I are going to be homeless and starving and die on the street. I mean, really? Probably not. So when you have that first thought of Oh, my God, I'm going to be late for this meeting. You ask yourself, Is this going to kill me in the next two minutes? I call it the two minute rule? The answer is yes. Then that's a rational fear change the circumstances before you get injured or killed? If the answer's no, you know, it's an irrational fear, that's false. You're gonna laugh a lot of the times, because you're gonna think, oh, my gosh, could be in such a drama queen. And as soon as you ask that question, yada, what happens is you change the channel. Because when we're in fear, what happens we immediately go into fight or flight. When we're in fight or flight, our adrenaline gets raised, we release cortisol, our heart rate goes up, the blood drains from our brain goes to our heart and our extremities so we can run away, you know, that stomach doesn't need to digest your meal, if if you're really going to be alive for another minute or two doesn't matter. And the big thing is, when we're in fight or flight, we lose clarity. So what you want to do is you want to nip that in the bud, you want to stop that fighter flight from happening. So the first time you feel if you have a thought that feels bad, ask yourself, Is this gonna kill me in the next two minutes? Yes or no. Now, if you have that thought, and you're standing in the middle of the road, and there's a bus headed towards you get out of the road, that's a rational fear. But the thing that's so great about the two minute rule Yanaka is it's free. And it's convenient. It works anywhere your brain is and your brain is usually with you, wherever you are, you can use it a bazillion times in a day, you can use it in any situation, just play with it. It's only a yes or no answer. But what you're going to find is the more you do it, the more it becomes a habit. And then you just stay out of fight or flight. And it helps you stay in a high vibration, which attracts abundance. That feels good, right? And it helps you get guidance from spirit because spirits always guiding us even in your darkest days in your you know, black night of the soul that you went through spirit was there was communicating with you. You just were tuned to a different frequency because you were in depressed, you were depressed and you are in fear. So that makes sense.

Jannecke Øinæs 44:50

Yeah, it does make sense and thank you so much for that two minute practice. That's very helpful for everybody watching and myself. And I want to circle back to just said about the heaven is neutral. Yeah. So from what I understand, we plan our lives before we go down to this planet. And it's sort of like getting that we are characters that we agree upon having certain interactions. So we spoke a little bit about, you know, evil people and bad people. Now. So you're saying that they are their soul is completely loving, that heaven is neutral, but it seems like there's still a consequence of their choices, that when they die, they have a life review. So where they get to experience the harm that they you know, projected on others what they did to others, they will experience themselves. Is that where the fairness gets into the picture? Because it seems to me that it would be strange if there was no consequences of making horrible choices in a life that were harming other people, for instance, Hitler, and yeah, gruesome people that have lived on this planet are serial killers that they would be no consequence. So what is your take on that?

Julie Ryan 46:18

No judgment and heaven, everything seen as an experience, there is judgment on earth, when we're in the human experience, but no judgment in heaven? I do hear about life reviews, usually from near death experience, people, I don't hear much from spirits that have transition completely I do. I have heard about the life review where we get to see how our actions affected others. And then what do we do next time we'll come back and reincarnate perhaps as one of those victims in a different circumstance. So we can explore that even further. And Spirit sees that as just an experience, there's no right or wrong and heaven, which is totally against everything in our western world that we've ever been taught, right? You know, we've all been taught, well, you better live a good life here, you're gonna go burn in hell for eternity, and you're not going to be allowed in heaven and all of that. And that's part of what I'm being led to teach is that it's all pure love, all those nd E, people with whom you've spoken, they all say the same thing, regardless of their culture, or their education level, or what they do, or whatever. They all say, it's pure love. There's no judgment. And that's what I've heard 1000s and 1000s of times. Now, having said all that, I talked to a woman this morning, who had lost a she delivered a baby boy, he was fine. And he died three days later. And she's obviously in deep grief. This just happened last week. And she was saying, I don't understand what happened, how could this happen? And so we talked to her baby's spirit. And he wanted he gave her several answers. But the big one was, I experienced everything I wanted to experience in that three days. And he said it would be the equivalent of millions of human lifetimes. Because time doesn't exist in the spirit world. Now this Mother's agonizing over what happened, what she What could she have done differently, if anything, all of that. But the other thing that I explained to her is, what my what I've experienced with 1000s of 10s of 1000s of clients is when we come in, we have a general script of things that we want to explore an experience. And then we look at it from different perspectives. In this woman's case, she was the mom who lost a baby, perhaps in past lives. She was the baby who died after three days. She was the doctor, she was the sibling. She was her grandparents. She was the father, she was whatever. And so we're looking at it from different perspectives. When I look at past lives, and I do lots of what I call past live scans, where we'll get where somebody was, what the year was, what they were doing, and then will correlate that with what's happening in their current life. And it's really fun to do those Yanaka. Oftentimes, we can get information online that corroborate the information that we're getting from spirit. But how I explain past lives is think of Hamlet. How many times is Hamlet been performed since Shakespeare wrote it in 1602? Who knows? Certainly same script, but what year was it performed? In what language where was it performed by home Who was the customer who was the director who was the set designer? Same script, different perspective. And that's how I explained past lives will come in and we'll look at things from different perspectives. And I'll see a semblance of the same script that will repeat throughout multiple lifetimes. Like let's say you want to be a teacher, well, maybe you're teaching in a school in one lifetime. Maybe you're a corporate teacher, maybe you're a mom, who's a teacher or a. I don't know, whatever, somebody that teaches kids how to drive cars. It's endless. But it's different versions of a similar script. Does that make sense? Yeah.

Jannecke Øinæs 50:38

Yeah. I love that analogy. Um, so the way you work? Is it like you just turn it on? Like, could you, for instance, see my grandparents right now? Or do you have to go into like a deep trance, or just I'm curious about how you work and how you see these spirits,

Julie Ryan 50:58

I turn it on and off in a nanosecond. That's what I teach. Don't need to meditate for an hour First, don't need to twirl three times, raise your right hand and hop on your left foot not necessary. If that helps you, that's fine. But know how I teach you to turn it on and off it that will I don't walk around scan and people I think that's unethical. I don't walk around seeing dead people. Something can trigger me to turn on my radar. And I got a great story about that. But I'll share with you one. But it's no it's it's just turning it on and off in a nanosecond. And everybody can do this. And everybody does it. They're just not aware of it. So what I teach is how to develop and enhance it. So

Jannecke Øinæs 51:41

do you see any of are there spirits around me now that you see 1000s 1000s 1000s

Julie Ryan 51:45

And your spirit guides are behind you in a in a horseshoe? And they look like, again, my frame of reference, but they look like old men with long white hair, white beards, white gowns, some are tall and skinny, some are portly, whatever in picture Dumbledore, or in the Harry Potter movies, or Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings movies. And then when we talk to them individually, then they morph into what they look like in the lifetime that they lived. that pertains to whatever you're asking about. So it's really fun. And they're in a they're in a horseshoe, and they follow you wherever you are.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:27

Is that my my unique guide? So is that for everyone?

Julie Ryan 52:32

Everybody? It's been my experience that everybody has seven spirit guides, main spirit guides around them at all times. And their guardian angel and spirits of deceased loved ones through lots of lifetimes. But they they are different spirit guides, different lifetimes, you know, are the spirit guides, and it's really fascinating. Yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 52:54

I'm not. It could be kissing the faces. You spoke about this. A horseshoe but I hope I'm not in one of the faces.

Julie Ryan 53:01

No, no, that's just totally separate. Totally separate. No, no, that's the angels go from a circle into a horseshoe and then a straight line across that foot up the person's bed. But, but I have a fun story about turning my radar on. May I share it? Yeah, sure. Yeah, I was in a hotel in Austin, Texas. And it was a old hotel for America. I mean, you guys have stuff that's really old. But a couple 100 years old is old for us. And I'm in this hotel, and I'm reading about this man named Colonel Driscoll, who made his fortune selling cattle to the the Confederate army that was the Southern army during the American Civil War. Fine, fine, fine. I'm having lunch. I'm there on business of having lunch. And I'm reading in on the back of the venue, the history of the hotel. And I learned that they had a spa there when the hotel opened and they would have visiting psychics and mediums that would come and work with the people in Spa. I thought, Oh, that's cool. I want to learn more about that. So I went to the concierge after lunch and I said, Can somebody give me a tour of the hotel? I'm really interested in seeing it. And she said, Yes, we can. But you know, the hotels haunted. And I said, Great, have a sitemap. So let's see what if I pick up anything, I'll come back and let you know. And she said, Okay, so we go on this tour, and we go up the stairs. There were these two staircases that went up to the side and Colonel Driscoll is painting was in the middle, and it was a full life size painting portrait of this guy. And he's smoking a cigar in the painting and he's looking very regal. We go upstairs. And that's where all the ballrooms were and they had kind of this. Oh, like an open area between all the ballrooms that were in a square around this open area. We Get up there in my little tour guide who is the Bellman young guy is he's talking to me and and all of a sudden I'm smelling cigar smoke. I'm thinking there's no way they're gonna let somebody smoke in this hotel let alone smoke a cigar so that was my clue to turn on my radar so I did it next thing I know yet okay, here comes Colonel Driscoll spirit walking across the foyer of this area that you know is in the middle of all these ballrooms and he's just holding dough and across the across the floor, just checking everything out. So that was fun. So then we go in this ballroom and my radar still on I'm thinking okay, let's see what else I can see. So we're in this other ballroom and it has its massive and it has these huge goldleaf mirrors, eight of them on all the walls, and at the top of each mirror is carved into the wood is a cameo of a woman. So this cute little Bellman says we think that these mirrors came from Emperor Maximilian palace in Mexico City, and we believe that the cameo at the top is his wife, Carlotta I'm here and in my head has that Carlotta that's Lucinda his mistress. Okay, so I asked the Belvin I said have you ever heard of a Lucinda his maxmillions misters? And he said no. Okay, so he's going on and telling me about the Rome and everything. So I called in lucid in Carlotta spirits. And they looked like they were big buddies. And they showed up in these ballgowns like Turnham, late 18th century, you know, turn of the 20th out, like in the late 1800s, I should say turn of the century. And they got hoop skirts on and they're so can they get the jewels of the tiaras and the whole nine yards. And I said to them, who is that on the top of the those frames of the mirrors? And Louisa says it's me. And then I said, okay, yeah, that's what I was getting. They were great. So I chatted with them for a couple of minutes. While these guys little Bellman is talking. So fast forward. Speaking at a business conference, I go to the business conference, I stopped at his store on my way there. And I this woman in the parking lot says to me, welcome to town or she said, lovely day. I said, Yeah, I'm visiting. She said, Welcome to town, blah, blah, blah. I said, Well, I just had lunch at the Driskill hotel, and she said, Oh, you know, it's haunted. And I said, Yeah, I'm a psychic guys. I saw some stuff. And she said, Well, what's the chance of this happening? She says, Well, I'm a publisher. And there's a book that just went to press today on the Driscoll Hotel. Would you be willing to write an afterword about your experiences there? This is in the parking lot of a grocery store. I'm having this conversation with this woman. I said, sure. She said, but I need it in the next couple of days. Because you know, this is going to print. I said, okay, okay. Okay. So I write Yeah, afterward on the plane home, on my laptop, I get home, I walk into my office, and I just did an internet search on Emperor Maximilian Carlotta, and Lucinda. All this stuff shows up Jonica about him. He, Maximilian, his wife, Carlotta it, his mistress Lucinda, and it's even in college textbooks. So, you know, obviously, you can't make this stuff up. But that's a fun story about I didn't have my radar on. But I smelled cigar smoke. And it just unleashed this whole cascade of a fun experience.

Jannecke Øinæs 58:52

Fascinating way of living

Julie Olivia. Yeah,

Julie Ryan 58:56

spot. But most of the time by day, you know, I'm like a wife and a mom. And I'm doing laundry and cooking dinner and doing regular stuff.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:04

Yeah. It's been a pleasure having you on the show. And I have three questions that I ask all my guests. And the first one is, what is self love to you?

Julie Ryan 59:15

Living a life of joy. Hmm, finding joy in everything.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:21

And then what is happiness to you?

Julie Ryan 59:23

Joy. It's all about joy. Yeah. And

Jannecke Øinæs 59:26

what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective? We're here

Julie Ryan 59:30

to create and live a life of joy. And we never finished creating we create all day long. And when we die and we go to heaven, what do we do? We explore what our next life is going to be. We create what we're going to come in and explore next time around. So it's all about creating and it's all about finding joy in everything.

Jannecke Øinæs 59:56

Very inspiring. Thank you so much for you know saying yes to this big assignment. And please share where people can reach you.

Julie Ryan 1:00:04

Ask Julie ryan.com. Everything's there. Do the Ask Julie Ryan Show we really set every Friday. It's on YouTube. It's on all the podcast channels. And then we release an interview. So your interview will be released my interview of you, which was fun, that will be released here soon as well. And I do online training I do in person training to learn how to do the whole buffet of psychicness. Everybody can do this. And it's just a matter of developing and enhancing it.

Jannecke Øinæs 1:00:36

Wonderful. Thank you so much for coming to the show, Julie. My

Julie Ryan 1:00:40

honor. Thanks for having me.

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