In his twenties, John Newton experienced a profound awakening that transformed his consciousness. This awakening led him to master the ability to enter the gap between thoughts at will, allowing him to have extended periods of deep awareness. In this state, John discovered his unique gift of removing negative content and burdens from people’s lives and ancestral lineages, promoting well-being and healing. Enjoy this interview with John on healing through Ancestral Clearing.

For over three decades, John has worked with a diverse range of clients, including renowned Emmy, Grammy, and Academy Award winners, professional athletes, political figures, esteemed members of the National Institute of Health, law enforcement personnel, veterans, scientists, doctors, therapists, and clergy members. He has also collaborated with medical doctors, integrating his techniques into their practices to enhance patient care. It’s important to note that John’s work does not require physical contact and does not rely on any specific belief system. The only prerequisite is a genuine desire for assistance and improvement. John encourages skeptics to witness the remarkable results for themselves.

Ancestral Clearing is not meant to replace traditional medical care

It’s essential to understand that John’s work with healing through Ancestral Clearing is not meant to replace traditional medical care but rather complement it. By embracing a holistic approach to healthcare, individuals can achieve the best possible outcomes. John’s transformative methods, combined with the expertise of medical professionals, offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to well-being.

The efficacy of John’s work is supported by the diverse range of individuals he has helped over the years. From celebrities and athletes to scientists and healthcare professionals, his techniques have positively impacted countless lives. John’s focus on consciousness and awakening individuals to their true nature sets his work apart and makes it a valuable addition to holistic healthcare practices.

John’s extraordinary ability to access the gap between thoughts and facilitate healing has made a significant impact on the lives of his clients. With decades of experience and a diverse clientele, his work has garnered recognition and trust from individuals in various fields. By integrating his techniques into a holistic approach to healthcare, John’s transformative work continues to enhance well-being and promote self-discovery.

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  • Hi John. I heard you on jazz it up with Judy. Great show. Something odd happened that night. You had done a healing for someone with knee pain. As you said the prayer I filled with my words. I had no knee issues but my family did. I woke up yesterday moray 3 am in such pain in my knee. It’s still there. I’ve listed to the show and brought the knee to the end sessions for healing. It helped but so odd it would come out so strongly. I do hope it goes away

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