While in his twenties, John had an awakening that left him in a free-fall of consciousness

Soon after, he was able to enter the gap between thoughts at will and for extended periods of time. In this state John is able to affect well-being by removing the negative content and burdens from people’s lives and lineages. John also assists people in waking up to their true and eternal nature: Consciousness itself.

For the last thirty years his clients have included Emmy, Grammy, and Academy Award winners, professional athletes, political figures, National Institute of Health board members, law enforcement, veterans, scientists, doctors, therapists, and members of the clergy. He often works side-by-side with medical doctors and their patients integrating his techniques into their practices. There is no physical contact with John’s work and no belief is necessary. The only requirement is to want help. John encourages people who are skeptical to let the results speak for themselves.

This work is presented to complement the care of medical professionals and not be seen as a substitute. Seeing our health care in a holistic way yields the best results.

About John’s Work: A partial list of the areas in which John’s clients have reported benefits

Back and Joint Pain
Weight Issues
High Blood Pressure
Digestive Disorders
Auto-immune Disease
Relationship Concerns
Financial Uncertainty
Fears and Phobias
Low Self Esteem
Clarity of Purpose
Conflict Resolution
Practitioner Trainings




  • Hi John. I heard you on jazz it up with Judy. Great show. Something odd happened that night. You had done a healing for someone with knee pain. As you said the prayer I filled with my words. I had no knee issues but my family did. I woke up yesterday moray 3 am in such pain in my knee. It’s still there. I’ve listed to the show and brought the knee to the end sessions for healing. It helped but so odd it would come out so strongly. I do hope it goes away

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