Every now and then, I run into people, who think I’m brave for being open about me being a spiritual person.

I understand what they mean because even though spirituality has always played a big part in my life, it is not something I have always been entirely open about to

It took me some time to come out as a full blow spiritual person.

As a child I closed off the connection to my spiritual channel, or at least in a way that kept me from consciously receiving messages from my guides.

I have a feeling, I sensed too much, which was too overwhelming for a little sensitive girl. So, I shutdown to protect myself.

However, as far back as I remember, I have always had a spiritual side to me, and an interest in all things spiritual. At the age of 15-16 I read books, and went to lectures on parapsychology, and what else it was called back then.

What made the shift

When I was 25 I ran into a fascinating spiritual girl, who could read tarot cards, and knew all sorts of things about chakras and meditation. From that time on I was sold.
I was such a fan of her, and had a deep desire to do all the same amazing things.

At this point, I was unaware that I already had the same gifts.
It did not occur to me that not everybody senses strange things, and are as sensitive to atmospheres and people as I am, and it was not until my early thirties, I really started to understand it.

I came across a weekend clairvoyance workshop. “Cool”, I thought, “How exciting!” Not even in my wildest dreams, did I, however, imagine that I, over the course of that weekend, would be able to see into peoples’ lives the way I did.

I could see

During the exercises, I could see everything from how people lived (which is funny, as I work with feng shui today), down to the smallest details such as “you have quite a lot of coats in your hall way”, and “I can see, you have a bean bag and two
connecting living rooms”, to love triangles, and other personal details from people’s’ lives.

I had a ball, and was completely taken aback by myself.
And I wanted more.

As a result of my excitement about my newfound clairvoyant skills, my spontaneous nature and willingness to try out new things, I immediately signed up for a clairvoyant course.
My clairvoyant teacher was also a numerologist, and helped one of the other students change their name.
At the time, I was rather skeptical about numerology, but when I saw the changes that student went through I decided to give it a go for myself.

Again, not being far from thought to action, I decided to change my name – just like that.

Shortly after the clairvoyance exam, things started to unfold in my life, in ways that really pushed me onto the path I travel today. I was guided towards feng shui and went to USA to train as a feng shui specialist.

Had I lost my mind?

Even though things really started picking up speed, it was only a few people who knew about my spiritual adventures.
It was as though I lived a double life, where I had one part of me, that everybody knew about, who was working as a stylist in the Danish film industry, and another part of me who was on a secret spiritual journey that nobody knew anything about.

Some of my closest relations who knew what I was up to, made a lot of fuss about my clairvoyance training course and feng shui training. And when I decided to change my name, they really started to worry, that I had lost my mind.

That period of my life was filled with struggle and insecurity, but as time went by I matured.
Little by little I revealed my secret spiritual sides to the ones who didn’t know about it, and as I did that, some accepted it (most of them actually) and those who thought I was crazy disappeared from of my life.
And at the same time I began to attract likeminded people with whom I could share my spirituality!

I no longer hide who I am and what I stand for, and I get along just fine with both “believers and non-believers”. We do not have to agree on everything to respect one another.

Yes I was afraid to reveal it all, but I’m still here. I didn’t die. And now I am happy.

You can do the same.

There’s room for you whoever you are and what you believe in, and the more you live a life that’s true to you, the more wonderful people you will have to share it with.

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