Finding true love is a universal desire, and in this captivating interview, we delve into the wisdom of John Selby, author of Let Love Find You*. John shares his personal journey of attracting his true love and provides valuable insights on how we can manifest our own love story. He also introduces a powerful meditation that has transformed the lives of many, including myself. Read on to discover the secrets of attracting true love.

John Selby is a renowned American psychologist, executive counselor, and author. With over 35 years of experience, he has authored more than two dozen books on self-help, spiritual growth, psychology, and business success, which have been translated into 14 languages. John’s expertise extends to meditation, and he is recognized as an innovator in this field. His vast knowledge and practical techniques have touched the lives of countless individuals seeking personal growth and fulfillment.

Attracting True Love

During the interview, John Selby shares his personal experience of attracting his true love. He reveals key principles and mindset shifts that are essential in the manifestation of love. From aligning our energy with love frequencies to letting go of limiting beliefs, John provides actionable steps to open ourselves to love’s abundant flow.

The Power of Meditation

In Wisdom From North Membership, John shares a transformative meditation designed to attract true love. This meditation has become a powerful tool in the journey of many individuals seeking meaningful connections. By practicing this meditation, we can cultivate a state of openness, clarity, and alignment with our heart’s desires.

To gain access to the exclusive meditation shared by John Selby, join the Wisdom From North Membership. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a wealth of resources and connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

True love is within reach for each of us, and by following the guidance of John Selby, we can align ourselves with its powerful energy. Through his book, Let Love Find You*, and the transformative meditation he shares, John offers practical tools to attract and manifest the love we deserve. Take a leap of faith, embrace the wisdom, and open yourself to the possibilities of finding true love.

Let Love Find You: Seven Steps to Open Your Heart to Love

You are looking for love, but never seem to meet the person of your dreams. Where are you going wrong? How can you invite true love and sexual satisfaction into your life? John Selby has the answers to these and any other questions you may have about improving your love life and creating relationships that work. 

About John Selby

John Selby (born 1945) is an American psychologist and author. Other professional titles include executive counselor, videographer, and meditation innovator. He is the author of over two dozen self-help, spiritual-growth, business-success and psychology books published in 14 languages, with half a million books in print, published during the last 35 years.

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