Interview with the intuitive Gigi Young

Do fairies and elves exist? If so can we connect with them? Intuitive teacher Gigi Young believe so and that we can also connect with elemental beings as well as our spirit guides.

Gigi Young is a spiritual development coach as well as an intuitive consultant. On her own YouTube channel she brings up topics concerning spirit guides, the paradigm shift, Starseeds, Atlantis and Lemuria, fairies and elves and  much more.

Vist Gigi here:

  • Congratulations on your work!!!
    Every time I watch one of your videos I’m amazed of everything.
    But, I have a question, why not everybody is contacted or can see, percieve all this magic that is around. Everything that I see in your interviews resonates, that’s how I know is true. But, again, why not everybody experience that in firts person, is it because is what I have in this life? Or I have to prepare more?
    Thank you so much for resding me,
    Best regards from Spain, I’m mexican, but living in Spain

    • I think some people are born more “open”, that the veil is lifted more. And others have to “work” more towards raising their frequencies to open up for it. I think we all have different paths though and are supposed to learn different things. Thank you for the nice comments. Best from Jannecke

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