Tony served 22 years in the US Navy. All of his career he was a flight engineer on a large 4 engine aircraft called a P3 Orion and he amassed over 10,000 hours flight time travelling the world in the Navy doing missions of various types. He served from July 1975 until he retired from military service in 1997. He was also an instructor flight engineer.

When Tony was 24 years old he was involved in an aircraft mishap that came close to killing everyone on the plane during an emergency engine out landing. During the experience Tony felt that his soul was getting ready to leap out of his body and he experienced a hyper-awareness of the tiniest of details going on around him. This incident opened a doorway for him which led to another amazing experience a couple of days later where Tony claims to have met God himself, a God that appeared as pure golden white light who gave him unconditional love.

In Part 2 Tony talks about his UFO sightings and how he was told not to talk about it for 30 years..

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