Finding clarity on your heart based purpose

Are you longing to find clarity on what to create in life or looking for your purpose?

I believe that the key to your purpose lies within your story. What is it that you have struggled with and want to push through? What is that you have learnt in life that other people can benefit from? I think we have to go within and create from the unique intelligence of the heart who whispers to us what we can bring to this world. When you truly create from a pure place, not only will you feel that you are thriving, you will also help the planet. Because our inner intelligence knows what you and the planet needs.

  • So true! You can always be a teacher or good example for the people that have the same life situation or “problem”. I struggled a lot with stress and obesity as a teacher. One day I found a method and a teacher that could teach me how to loose weight and that started a journey that took me to many personal growth courses with many other teachers. I am now trying to put all my wisdom and knowledge I have got into a book and a new education method; teaching with lifeplans.

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