Bridget is a medium, healer, author, artist, intuitive, adventurer, raw chef and a hybrid mother

She is also passionate about visiting sacred sites around the world and organizes “in person adventures and opportunities” to places like Hawaii, Glastonbury, Ireland, Sedona and Maui.

Bridget is an artist of life bringing joy and light to everything she creates. She captures the essence of people, concepts, and companies and makes them experiential through visual arts, writing, and advertising. Bridget has created interactive campaigns for Disney and Warner Bros., writes for the Huffington Post, and uncovers the passions and gifts of teens and adults using tools from her book “The Secret to Finding Passion in Your Career”. She has trained with world-renowned healers throughout California, culminating in years of experience in Soul Memory Discovery, mission/purpose guidance, and mediumship. Bridget creates exciting ways to implement ideas practically and reach a desired goal and way of being into everyday life. Her current excitement is awaking people’s own creativity through her watercolor workshops and experience of her art. Bridget has extensively studied realistic and abstract art in her travels around the world, and has loved creating through visual expression from a very young age. She graduated from Pepperdine University with a double major in Business Administration and Fine Arts.

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