In an enlightening conversation between Jannecke and ascension guide Maria Nyegaard, the concept of ascending to higher vibrations, raising our frequency, and its significance in the ascension process is explored. As humanity moves into a new era of consciousness, understanding the importance of elevating our vibrational state becomes increasingly vital.

But what does it mean to raise our frequency and ascend to higher vibrations? Put simply, it refers to the process of shifting our energetic vibration to a higher level. Every individual and object emits a unique frequency, and this energy impacts our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. By consciously raising our frequency, we align ourselves with higher states of consciousness, love, and light.

Why it is important to raise our frequency to higher vibrations

Raising our frequency is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it allows us to tap into a higher level of awareness and perception. As our vibrational state elevates, we become more attuned to subtle energies and intuitive guidance. This heightened awareness empowers us to make conscious choices and live in alignment with our true purpose.

Secondly, raising our frequency enables us to manifest our desires more effortlessly. As we align with higher frequencies, we become powerful co-creators with the universe. Our thoughts and intentions carry greater potency, and we can attract positive experiences and abundance into our lives.

Furthermore, elevating our vibrational state contributes to personal healing and transformation. Higher frequencies have a purifying effect on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They dissolve lower vibrational patterns, such as fear, doubt, and negativity, and promote harmony, joy, and inner peace.

The ripple effect

The ascension process and the shift in human consciousness are intricately linked to raising our frequency. As we collectively elevate our vibrations, we create a ripple effect of positive change on a global scale. We contribute to the collective awakening, assisting humanity in embracing love, unity, and higher levels of consciousness.

In this fascinating video, Jannecke and Maria shed light on practical ways to raise our frequency. They discuss the importance of self-care, meditation, energy healing, and cultivating positive thoughts and emotions. By incorporating these practices into our daily lives, we can consciously elevate our vibrations and contribute to the collective ascension process.

So, take a moment to reflect: How can you raise your frequency in your own life? What practices resonate with you, and how can you incorporate them into your daily routine? By embracing the power of higher vibrations, we can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and unity with the greater consciousness of humanity.

About Maria Nyegaard

Through a long inner and outer journey, with the purpose of finding her own truth and aligning with her higher purpose, the Norwegian Maria Nyegaard started Human Liberation in the autumn of 2015. By example, she wants to show how life may be what we want it to be, and that everything manifests in our lives based on our intentions, thoughts, feelings, and choices. If we are not conscious of our power of intention, free will, and choice, we may get what we DON’T want. But this is also part of the learning process and the evolution of the soul, and inhere lies the willingness to take full responsibility for our lives and everything in it.

Maria Nyegaard is one of our masterclass teachers in Wisdom From North Membership, teaching the class “Navigating in the Ascension Process”.

  • Jannecke, I also thankyou for this interveiw with Marie Nyegaard, you both are so helpfull, and selflessly serving this world, and, such beautifull hair the wind was playing with….I would like to offer a suggestion for next time you are sitting on ground, and that is to put your leggs straight out front, the position you were both in was so uncomefortable , take a minute to reflect on why you were in that unnatural position…….

  • Hello Jannecke,
    thank you and your guest again for this wonderfull Video like many others I have watched. They have helped me so much in my process of “waking up” more and more. With lots of inspiration to think about life and reflekting on my self. Thank you from my verry hard. I hope others are inspired as much as I am, too. I find your work so immense important. Thank alot. And I hope your getting the support this work really deserves.

    With many good wishes and greetings


    • So grateful and happy to hear that! Means a lot. Thank you for commenting and watching. Best from Jannecke 💛

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