In the enchanting town of Damanhur, Italy, resides Anne Gjeitanger, a talented author who has captivated readers with her novels since her debut in 2005. Among her literary works, “Pistis Maria – The Legacy after Mary Magdalene *” stands out as a remarkable channeled book, offering profound insights into the life and teachings of Mary Magdalene.

Danish subtitles by Jette Wagner

Countless legends, interpretations, and channelings have attempted to unravel the enigma surrounding Mary Magdalene. Was she a princess? A prostitute? What transpired in her life after Jesus’s crucifixion? Gjeitanger’s publication presents a fresh perspective on their relationship, challenging established notions and delving into previously unexplored aspects of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

The significance of Mary Magdalene’s story

The significance of Mary Magdalene’s story reverberates strongly in our modern times. Through the pages of this book, Mary Magdalene imparts a deeper understanding of the essence of Female Energy and illuminates the ongoing task that women today have yet to fulfill for the betterment of human development.

Pistis Maria*” provides a unique glimpse into the intertwined lives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, revealing a narrative that diverges from traditional biblical accounts. Their relationship, as depicted in this channeled work, transcends societal labels and offers a powerful testament to the transformative power of love and spiritual awakening.

By shedding light on Mary Magdalene’s story, Gjeitanger’s book invites readers to reevaluate their preconceptions and embrace a broader perspective on spirituality, gender dynamics, and the human journey. It serves as a catalyst for contemplation and introspection, encouraging individuals to explore their own relationship with the divine feminine energy within themselves and in the world.

Pistis Maria: The Legacy of Mary Magdalene

In this first book of the Pistis Maria-series Mary Magdalene tells the full story of her life from when she grew up without a father as the sister of Martha and Lazarus. Mary Magdalene´s great and poetic story of immense love and equally immense challenge has been brought to us to explain how she, apart from helping Him, was unable to succeed with her task; that as a female avatar she could not realize a divine potential like he did and obtain immortality on behalf of the feminine.

A call to action for women to embrace their unique gifts

The teachings and revelations shared in “Pistis Maria*” are a call to action for women to embrace their unique gifts and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity. Mary Magdalene’s wisdom transcends time, offering guidance and inspiration to women today as they navigate their roles and purpose in a rapidly changing world.

Anne Gjeitanger’s channeled book, “Pistis Maria – The Legacy after Mary Magdalene*,” provides a thought-provoking exploration of the life and teachings of Mary Magdalene. By challenging prevailing narratives and unveiling a different perspective on Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s relationship, this publication invites readers to reflect on the significance of the female energy and the role women play in human development. It serves as a timeless reminder that Mary Magdalene’s voice continues to resonate and inspire, guiding us toward a deeper understanding of ourselves and our spiritual journeys.

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