Sri Mooji never dreamt of becoming an enlightened or awakened being, it just happened, in a few minutes!
He was born in Jamaica but moved to London where he worked as a street painter for some time and later as a teacher. During his time in London, fate wanted him to meet with a Christian mystic who changed his life and showed him what awakening is. In this interview, Mooji talks about how he has reached a peaceful state where he only observes his thoughts and emotions without becoming attached or involved with them. 

This interview was done in 2016.

What is an awakening?

Sri says it’s the most natural thing. It is to awaken to our natural being, what we already truly are. The foundation or core of all human life. Because we are experiencing this existence through a body, we come to identify ourselves with it, and what’s more, our conditioning becomes our reference for how to live our lives. It contributes to us believing this is who we are. It is not true though, but we walk around believing it is, until something shakes us out of that belief. 

Awakening might happen by grace or by practice

On his path to awakening, Mooji had several profound encounters with people and one in particular which left him with a feeling of great stillness and peace. The feeling was so amazing that he didn’t want to go to sleep. He felt totally embraced by a loving power.

Mooji says that the deeper your understanding gets the more your ego will fall away. You become lighter and more open and pulled into the inner experience. He counteracts the belief we have that it takes a lot of practice to achieve enlightenment. He says; not really, it can happen within a few minutes. You can be guided into the space of no mind. Awakening really means to be totally yourself. 

Jannecke becomes aware of her thousand thoughts

Mooji takes Jannecke through an exercise to show her her natural state of being. You are beyond thoughts and have no need of them, he explains. When you engage with thoughts you get pulled into their suggestiveness and that amounts to a kind of destruction, he continues. Jannecke becomes aware of what it feels like to be in the space of being and in Mooji’s opinion it is much more important than being in the space of thoughts. 

If you, like many of us, have a busy mind and body, you will certainly enjoy this interview. Mooji explains how to calm our minds and listen within. The path to enlightenment and awakening is yours to walk with the help of teachers or by yourself. 

You will find more about Mooji on his homepage:

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