Alfred Tolle (also known as “Google Compassion Guy”) is the Founder of Wisdom Together

Alfred Tolle (also known as “Google Compassion Guy”) is the Founder of Wisdom Together. He joined Google’s EMEA HQ in Dublin, Ireland, in 2011, consulting International companies on their online marketing and digital strategies. Prior to that he was CEO of Lycos, responsible for strategy, product and change management.

His experience as an executive manager in these major blue-chip companies, among others, and working across the globe, have fed into his belief that we are truly living within an interconnected society and this motivates his desire to bring about positive global change.

Furthermore, recognizing the transformational potential of technology in terms of positively impacting people’s lives and their societal well-being, Alfred has instigated a number of projects that support conversations built upon a moral and ethical framework and where technology can be used.

Specifically, he has initiated several happiness and wellbeing projects within Google and was instrumental in bringing the first Wisdom2.0 Conference to Europe, which attracted speakers such as Eckhart Tolle & Jon Kabat Zinn. Furthermore, Alfred actively supports NGOs with Google technology and data analysis and is involved in Leadership Development for a better world.

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