Aleksandra is born in Norway, moved to Paris and NYC at age 15, and now she lives in Africa. In Namibia she is running her own Non-Profit organization Nanofasa . She is an international Model – Actress – Public speaker – Method Acting & creativity coach – Conservationist and sustainablility coach & ambassador – Designer – CEO & Founder of Nanofasa Conservation Organization and By U I Stand.

The goal of Nanofasa
“The goal of our venture is to provide the San communities, with the economic incentives through eco adventure tourism to conserve wildlife, natural surroundings and resources that their culture and livelihood also depend upon, as well as the protection of their future generations. It will be a joint effort between the community and us, which secures conservation of nature, wildlife and culture, work creation, local engagement, equality and a sustainable growth.

Why Nanofasa
The Nanofasa conservation project is an innovative and original, designing projects that promotes an understanding of cultural and natural sustainability. We want to showcase how a non-profit venture can join hands with the San community, and together contribute to conservation, social and cultural objectives and make long-term profits that empower and encourage growth and equality as well as global sustainability of the environment and its people”.



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