What most women are attracted to

It is the man’s deep presence that most women are attracted to. She wants his deep consciousness as much as he wants her feminine radiance. She wants his embodied masculine presence that can hold a safe, consensual space and penetrate her moods into more profound love. The masculine bliss is to transform chaos into order and come into a sense of freedom.

Most men have been conditioned not to show vulnerability, but if a man focuses only on his masculine side, he will have a tendency to become hyper-masculine. He will be lost in his head and be de-attach from his body and his emotions. He will be too goal-oriented, too mechanic and will not be able to feel into situations and into his woman. Women will not feel safe or attracted to him. He will not be entirely trustworthy.

A silent thief

The biggest problem is that there will be a silent thief that steals his presence day by day – it is his shadow behaviours, addictions and bad habits. It can be as innocent things as social media, food, sugar or coffee or alcohol. It can be sex addictions –, watching a lot of porn and frequent ejaculations to release stress. Addictive behaviours are done because of lack of connection to himself, purpose or deeper meaning. Men are often acting out because the mammalian and the stressful primal brain is conditioned to avoid pain and wanting short time pleasure.

The world needs more men that are profoundly self-conscious and values to have an embodied presence. So, if you like to become a more powerful, attractive man that wants to have a more significant impact, I have some suggested practices for you. It will have a significant effect on your own quality of life and your attractiveness as a man. Are you ready for a challenge? I challenge you to try these 5 practices for 3 weeks:

5 practices to become an attractive man

1) Leave your addictive behaviour
Make a commitment to leave one or more of your addictions or bad habits. Start to analyse yourself, your thoughts and actions. Use it as your meditative practice and choose to stop the habit. Keep an eye and see if other bad habits are suddenly getting more prominent so that you are not transferring one addiction for another.

2) Embody your emotions
You will be tested on your addictive behaviour when you are being emotionally triggered or stressed. The more you are able to stop up and breath through your emotions the easier it will become. Take time and allow your feelings to be there. There might be some resistance to feel painful emotions. Still, take time to explore the feelings, breathe into them and allow whatever emotions or body sensation to be there. It is a practice. You can breathe into your emotions on the way to work, during the lunch break or even while you are doing any activity. And the more you are doing it, the better you become at it and the shorter the time you need to come back to a good state of mind. A deeper connection to yourself is the root solution to all addictive behaviours.

3) Daily practice
I suggest that you are doing a morning practice. It doesn’t have to take a long time. 5 – 20 minutes is often enough. Find a joyful method for you to connect with your body in the
morning. Put on your favourite morning music, shaking, massaging, stretch, dance or take a few push-ups. It is an energy booster that can kick-start your day. See if you can be able to start the morning from a happy, joyful state and make it a practice to keep that good state during the day. The more you do this, the longer you will be able to stay energised.

4) Keep your sexual energy
This is a big one, and it might take some time to master. Most of us are using the sexual energy as a stress-release. The problem with traditional sex, especially for men is that you are losing your power. Have you noticed that you have a tendency to need sex, masturbate and watch porn when you are stressed? It is, of course, pleasurable in the short run, but in the long term, it takes away your life-force energy. You will be amazed to feel the effect of no ejaculation for 3 weeks.

5) Find more profound meaning and live your life with passion
Get a more significant reason for living. Become inner driven. Find your core values. Be curious about who you truly are. When you are feeling a more profound joy, passion and thrive for life, you will often find a deeper meaning for life. Dare to follow that direction. Dare to go your own way. Dare to follow your hearts longing. Find a deeper meaning for life and have a more significant reason for getting up in the morning and getting to work. It is not only what you are doing. It is as much as how you are doing what you are doing. Tab into the right attitude and make your happiness as important as your tasks.

By taking responsibility for these 5 personal habits, your life will change for the better. I promise. I have guided men through these 5 steps for 21-days and have experienced big changes. They have really changed their own confidence and improved their relationship to their partner. Remember: You are the Man You Long to Be and he is only a few practices away.



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