-but are you available for him?

Interview with dating coach Rebecca Boatman on catching your dream man.

In this video I meet with my friend Rebecca Boatman, the go-to love coach for women and founder of The Brave Lady. Your dream man is out there seeking you! The question is: are you available for him?

Here Rebecca shares her insight and dating advice on how you can change your patterns and call in the love you truly want, and create a relationship you are in love with.

-Your evolved man is out there, Rebecca says. It’s about stepping into the unknown, daring to lose the need for control and open up for your feminine, magnetic energy. But you have to be open and available, so you don’t send out the wrong signs.

About Rebecca Boatman

Rebecca Boatman, is the go-to love coach and graduate of several emotional intelligence academies, who has coached thousands of women in the area of emotional intelligence. She is now CEO of The Brave Lady where she specializes in helping ladies inspire a fulfilling romance by giving them the right tools to create a relationship they are truly in love with.

*The event spoken of in the video is no longer available.

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