Emotions are absolutely crucial to who we are and what choices we make

The author, speaker and financial economist Kathrine Aspaas invites us to become aware of the power of our emotions. Emotional insight is crucial when new technology will start to take over the jobs that humans used to be doing. In short, our primary strength will be what we do better than the machines; to be humans who can feel. In other words, soft skills are the new hard skills and will be superpowers in the future.

Below is a clip from my conversation in The Membership with Kathrine about cultivating emotional intelligence.

Emotional work-out masterclass with Kathrine

According to Kathrine emotions are absolutely crucial to who we are and what choices we make. In her masterclass: Emotional workout in The Membership, Kathrine will show you how you can utilize the power of your emotions and how you can handle your emotions in a much more purposeful way.

By taking you through five key steps she will help you strengthen your emotional muscles so you can cultivate more emotional intelligence and awareness.

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(The class has Norwegian subtitles)

About Kathrine Aspaas

Kathrine Aspaas is a Norwegian journalist, economist and public speaker. She is educated at The Norwegian School of Business and Administration, with a Masters of Science in International Affairs from The New School University in New York (2007). With 23 years of experience as financial journalist, she has now developed her own business and movement – The Age of Generosity and The Emotion Revolution. She is the author of the two books “The Emotion Evolution” and “The Age of Generosity”.

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