Interview with the Urban Shaman Annika Panotzki

The summer of 2016 I went to Sweden to search for wisdom. I found the beautiful and wise Annika Panotzki at The Conscious Life Center in Stockholm.

Annika is a Swedish urban shaman who’s vision is to build bridges between the Inca Shamanism teachings and the urban culture in the West. For Annika, her life completely transformed after opening herself to the Wisdom of the Inca Shamanism way.

– In the Inca tradition, Annika says, we see that we are all creators of our lives. The higher awareness we have the more we can create and choose good things. When we see that we already have everything we need around us and we see that there is enough for everybody, then we are no longer guided by our ego. When life is flowing for us, then it is natural to receive the desire to share with others. Share our unique talent, our passions, our kind thoughts, etc. This beautiful natural teaching can be applied no matter who you are, what you are working with or where on earth you live. The Inca Shamanism is a philosophy of life that has amazing tools.

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