Søren Hauge is a Danish author, counselor and spiritual teacher

He has been teaching since 1981 and for three decades he was a leader, teacher and organizer within the Theosophical movement in Scandinavia. He is the author of fourteen books in Danish and has developed a new Energy Psychology with a focus on educating people in the SoulFlow Method and Energy Typology. Søren is also a spesialist in Sidhe Wisdom, the wisdom of the elves. 

Unlock your gentle wildness- Masterclass with Søren Hauge

Søren is one of our amazing masterclass teachers on Wisdom From North Membership. In this class you will rediscover your connection to the wisdom in nature and your inner wildness. You will be in introduced to the magic realm of elves which for some only exists in the imagination. Søren Hauge is here to tell you otherwise, and that elves are for real, only this magical wisdom has been lost in our modern world. In Island, more than 50% of the population believes in elves and are taking them in consideration when they are doing construction work. Perhaps they have something to teach us?​

Welcome to a powerful class that connects you to a magical perspective on life.

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