Interview with Pam McDonel about the EFT technique

Here I meet with the tapping teacher Pam McDonel in a conversation about the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Tapping addresses thoughts, feelings and pain in a completely unique way. For Pam McDonel, it changed her life and she finally felt seen and understood. In this interview, Pam talks about how she uses EFT to release blocked energy and heal the mind.

Releasing blocked energy by tapping

Tapping is a simple but powerful self-help tool and healing technique that once learned can travel with you everywhere to assist you on your healing journey. You can use it when you feel stressful emotions in certain situations, to soothe something in the moment or do the deep work to nurture for a lifetime.

There is a lot of research on EFT and the effect that it has. It is disputed however whether there is enough evidence to back it up, but doctors all over the world have taken tapping into their practice and report that it gives great results for their patients.

EFT can help you:

  • Remove negative emotions
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Implement positive goals
  • Calm down the body and mind

Watch the entire interview and be inspired on how you can use EFT to calm yourself when for example you are stressed or feeling physical ailments.

Tapping – Change your mind – Change your life.

Pam McDonel is one of our masterclass teachers in Wisdom From North Membership! If you find tapping interesting and want to learn more about how you can use mind field therapy to help yourself, then you can access her class here.

About Pam McDonel

Pam McDonel, LMT, Lightworker, and Empath, owns Sandbox Enterprises LLC and co-owns Sacred Space Therapeutic Bodywork LLC. Pam blends traditional and alternative modalities of energy, spiritual, and healing arts with her natural intuitive abilities and gentle touch. She utilizes EFT Tapping to release blocked energy; massage and Yomassage for relaxation and stress relief; and Reiki for balance and harmony. She designs a personalized plan for each client empowering them to navigate and shift challenging patterns to achieve wellness. Pam has organized and facilitated online and in-person workshops for groups and individuals and participated in seminars and retreats.

Links & Resources

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