Creating flow on purpose

Anja Vintov is presenting for you the concept of Flow

By creating more flow, we also create more peace in lives. But what is Flow and how do we open up for more flow in our lives? Watch the video above.

About Anja Vintov

Anja is a FLOW Specialist, Author, Mum, Entrepreneur. She is known for her rare ability to spot whatever blocks the natural everyday flow of a human being, providing hands on solutions at a very high rate of success for both body, mind and soul. 

She teaches her concept Dare To Flow in Denmark and around the world and provides courses and education for modern people seeking to optimise and navigate their personal and professional flow. Anja has a great gift for seeing people’s hidden potential and helping them reach past the fears standing in the way of their true expression. 

Anja has 10 years in the corporate world, she is also a former dancer and fitness athlete. She has now been an entrepreneur for 17 years and has studied fear, courage and flow for over a decade inspiring thousands of people to create a bigger life for themselves – both personally and professionally.

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We are proud and honored to have Anja as one of our masterclass teachers on Wisdom From North Membership where she is giving a class on the Four Phase Flow Cycle.

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Anja Vintov

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