Discover your soul's calling

Have you found your soul's calling but don't know how to live it?
Or are you searching, not knowing what that calling is?

"If you are searching for your soul's calling, it's because there is one to find"

Welcome to a powerful 8 days journey online where we'll discover YOUR soul's calling.

All you need to do is to show up by signing up with your name and best email below.

You will walk away from this 8 days online journey feeling confident in your ability to find and to live the life you signed up for


Getting the sense why your soul has been trying to get your attention for so long .


Having clarity on what has stood in the way, and the antidotes to your obstacles


And most importantly; knowing what your next steps are, so you can live the life you were destined to live

souls calling

So you know what others are saying

Unn Helen

I believe that Jannecke is guided by the universe, serving us with exactly what we need on our spiritual path and with self-development.

Unn Helen Børvind


She (Jannecke) asks questions you as a listener didn’t even know you were wondering about until she asks them. Her down to earth and warm approach to the different subjects make us as viewers feel like she is one of us, exploring and finding her way just as we are."

Vanja Jordan​

Marte Wiik

Jannecke has been my support and guide through my transformation and spiritual awakening. She has introduced me to so many wonderful teachers through her YouTube channel. She has an honest curiosity and a great way to see the world with open eyes, that we all can recognize in ourselves.  

Marte Wiik

Endorsement from previous online events

"What an exciting webinar! I was hooked immediately. 

I have studied some science before, but now the pieces came together.

I had an AHA experience!"

Turid, Norway.


I loved how you integrated information from psychology,

quantum physics and spirituality with such ease and made it accessible to us

while staying connected with your audience and incorporating their comments. 

I felt your high vibration and your complete alignment with your purpose".


Irina, California.

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