Regain your inner power
- and find your courage

Dear you

A warm welcome here!  

I hope my video will inspire you to take your power back and open up for the courage to follow your own path!

Deep inside us humans, we have a basic need to be seen, recognized and loved. Actually we cannot survive without it.

And to fulfill this need, we are willing to go far and sometimes a little too far ..

Perhaps you can identify with having been a so-called "good girl" or "good boy" who tried to do everything correctly and almost "perfect" in the hope of getting attention and love.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with trying to do our best. But the problem arises when we start compromising ourselves, when we stop listening to what our inner being tells us, and when we set ourselves aside in order for others to like us. Then the price has become too high.

For me I was one of these good girls, and the more I ignored myself and my own needs, the farther away from myself I became, until I no longer knew who I was, what I felt, what my own opinions were, or if I was worth anything at all..

I had no choice but to go inwards. ..

And what I found on the other side was a whole new way of seeing myself, other people and the world.

A perspective that took me out of victimhood and into my power. 
A new insight that gave me courage to follow my dreams and find my own way ..

I truly hope that these three steps will inspire you, help you and give you as much they have given me.

If there's one thing I hope you will be left with after having watched this video, it is the recognition that you are powerful and valuable beyond measure

Much light from Jannecke
Founder of Wisdom From North

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