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Below you will find some of our collaborative partners whose services we can warmly recommend. And some of our own trainings.

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Being Spiritual & Abundant- mini course

Being Spiritual And Abundant

change your relationship to money and open up to more financial flow

How you relate to money, is how money relates to you.

Millions of people are struggling to make ends meet and only a few seems to be blessed with having abundance in their lives. Does this mean that some are just born lucky while others were just less fortunate with their destinies?

I don't believe that. 

In this mini-course you will discover how collective and personal money myths and mis-beliefs are some of the reasons why many people strive with money.

More about this mini-course here

Jannecke's Meditation Bundle

Meditation Bundle

This is an unique meditation bundle created to guide you in connecting within. In this bundle you'll receive Jannecke's 5 most powerful meditations so you can tap into your inner resources, become more whole and connect with a deeper intelligence inside. This will help you step into your most empowered state, and start thriving as a human spirit. The meditations are dowloadable.
All these meditations are available for members in The Membership.

More about the Meditation Bundle

Jannecke's Self-Love Activation Class


In this class I share with you personal tools, discoveries and realizations that helped me out of depression and into empowerment. The Self-Love Activation Class is meant to guide you to a deeper sense of Self-Love. It is meant to give you insights and perspectives that may shift how you look at yourself so you can begin to realize what a magnificent being you truly are. (With Norwegian subtitles). 

More about this masterclass here.

Individual Reading with clairvoyant Katy Bray

Katy Bray

Katy Bray, the American gifted empath and life long clairvoyant, is offering deep and life changing readings. 

Have a look

FREE Video event with Camillo Løken


Discover the Power of the Universal Laws and How they Govern Your Life

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Online training with Eva Andrea


Do you need aid and support in going through darkness?

Check out The Soul infusion program with the Danish spiritual teacher and author Eva Andrea

FREE Online Event with Gregg Braden!

Gregg Bradsen

Did you know that new research shows you are literally wired for maximum human potential?

Imagine discovering that you’re not what you’ve been told and are far more than you’ve ever imagined…

Imagine also discovering that what we think we know about the human condition and the very origins of humanity has been misinterpreted and misunderstood.

This is a free online event with Gregg Braden, a five-time New York Times best-selling author and internationally renowned pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and human potential. Gregg will share the new science that exposes the limiting beliefs we’ve held about who we are and where we come from when he presents, The New Human Story: Awakening Your Evolutionary Potential for Self-healing, Longevity & Super-perception.

You can register here

Free video event with Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani

Discover how to release beliefs and fears that are keeping you from living fully and joyfully. Join this FREE video event to access the power of near-death experiences to live a more joyful, authentic, soul-driven life. With international speaker and bestselling author Anita Moorjani.

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Free Video event with Suzanne Giesemann

Sacred Mediumship

Mystic, medium, and author Suzanne Giesemann will share fascinating insights into her powerful approach to mediumship, along with an easy practice to help you open to your own mediumship capabilities during a FREE video event, Deepen Your Connection With Loved Ones Through Sacred Mediumship.

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