Tyrone Beverly is considered to be one of the leading advocates for inclusivity and continues to remind us that we all occupy the same planet

His exciting yoga path is one of a way of life and not merely confined to the limits of an asana practice. In 2016, Tyrone was awarded the Yoga Journal’s national Karma Award, Denver Yoga Festival’s Hero Award and the Colorado Black Health Collaborative Walking the Talk Award. With his leadership in 2015, his non profit Im’Unique was awarded the International Metta Movement by Lululemon and he has been feature in various publications such as Yoga Journal, The Atlantic and Wanderlust just to name a few. Beverly’s gifted story telling abilities during an asana practice paints pictures of endless possibilities and makes the practitioner a work of art. He is the creator of the highly sought out Poetic Flow, which has poetically defined poetry in motion.

His extreme passion for equality, humans rights, unity, and physical and social health has kickstarted a wellness movement that utilizes yoga as a means to unite communities and foster healthy lifestyles across the nation. He has peacefully assembled various groups of people who disagree and has inspired them to improve their relationships. His efforts supersede stereotypes and create avenues that permeate social and cultural barriers and allows us all to revision what our lives can be. He brings joy, laughter and moments of deep contemplation on the mat with the hope people with live up to their greatest potential.

For more information about Tyrone, see: www.imunique.org

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