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Gitte Winter Graygaard

Sunday 26th of April
At 6pm CEST (kl 18.00) / 5pm GMT / 9am PST

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Wednesday 29th of April
At 7pm CEST (kl 19.00) / 6pm GMT / 10am PST

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Duration 2 hours

Host: Jannecke Øinæs  

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Do you feel the calling?

We are calling all lightworkers. It is time to gather, be brave and serve.

As the Corona virus crawled into our lives, we were collectively put on a pause. As we all at the same time all round the world held our breath we allowed the now to become so present, that everything in our past, present and future was put on display. What did you see? What did you sense? Did you too feel the calling? 

Right now so many lightworkers feel a strong sense of “time for change”. Not only societal change, but also within. If you have known for a while that you are here to serve to bring more love and light to the planet, but you haven’t really followed the calling yet, now is truly the time. The planet really needs you to be bolder and braver right now and we are here to support you.

Maybe you have felt a calling from your soul? Maybe you feel your heart opening? Maybe you have felt diZZy from entering the collective field of energy? Maybe you have discovered that you know how to lift your vibration and have seen the light from above, heard the angels and feel an intense longing to reconnect with your life’s purpose.

Are you ready: 

  • to be bolder and receive the support you need right now to dare to say yes to bring more light to the world by and share your wisdom?
  • to learn how the four elements can help you find your next steps on your beautiful path of becoming a lightworker?
  • to get ready to transform your life and begin to unfold your life’s purpose? 

The current crisis is a collective calling for a massive awakening in a collective heart opening. You play an important part in this awakening. Come join us.

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Testimonials from this live class with Gitte

"Thank you for the answers. ❤ I loved it so much and hope de get copy of this class, so much to prosess❤much love from me❣

Anette Olesrud

It was very enlightening to follow the session and for a newbie in the spiritual world I was very inspired.

-Tine Tang Sørensen

The class gave me inspiration to share my life knowledge with the World and tools how to manifest my souls gifts through the four elements. Gitte gave me a new way to look at my life long interest of beavers and how to look at it in a symbolic way. Life became more interesting!

- Dan Frendin

Thank you for a wonderful class yesterday.

The class with Gitte was so powerful and full of passion. I love the knowledge of the elements and how we can work with them. The meditation was amazing and I highly recommend participating in this class.

- Katja Halladin Rauh

Healing Through Crisis

As we are facing a global crisis, we are also moving through one of the greatest initiations of our time.
Have current events left you feeling anxious? Are you wondering if there is a higher meaning behind the state of the world and what is that?

In this class, we will explore this initiation, packaged as a crisis, and what it means for us both personally and globally.

If you are ready to:  

  • learn techniques to advance your soul
  • expand your psychomagnetic field
  • and sooth your anxiety while serving the world, you don’t want to miss this class.

    This is a great opportunity to anchor into the highest energies and ascend spiritually.

This class has ended

Katy Bray

Monday 13th of April 2020
At 6pm CEST (kl 18.00) / 5pm GMT / 9am PST

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Duration 2 hours

Host: Jannecke Øinæs

To read more about Katy Bray and her expertise, click here

Testimonials from this live class with Katy

Thank you so much for the awesome webinar 💕 Always interesting and uplifting to listen to your wise words 🙏❤ 

- Kristin Brandal

Thank you for offering this wonderful session with Katy Bray. I’ve taken several of her classes, now, and have quickly become a huge fan. I find Katy incredibly intuitive, incredibly wise, able to see the big picture as clearly as the specific. 

-Pamela Palmer

Katy Bray has a calming presence and an abundance of knowledge in her field.  I came away from the workshop with a clear understanding of how  significant this time is for humanity and of my personal call to participate in the healing through this crisis.

-Jackie Sternburg

What an amazing session with Katy today - thank you for putting that together.
Anonymous , US

Anja Vintov

Thursday 26th of March 2020
At 11am and 5pm CET time

Wednesday 8th of April at 7pm CEST

6 pm BST/10 am PST

Duration ca.1,5 hour

This class has ended

Host: Jannecke Øinæs  

To read more about Anja Vintov and her expertise, click here

How to release fear of uncertainty and connect to a deeper knowing 

We stand in the midst of a HUGE opportunity to learn from fear energy and discover how to transform it into a higher consciousness and wellbeing.

Let’s do it together.

In this 1,5 hour guided class by Author, Fear and Flow Specialist, Anja Vintov, you will get the three step process to release fear of uncertainty on a daily basis and learn how to practice connecting to your own powers and deeper knowing.

Hands on tools will be provided, so you know exactly what to do – when and how.

You can use the tools in any given challenging situation going forward, where worry and discomfort arises.

You will learn: 

  • Why being spirit in a physical body is a skill, we all need to learn (the teaching of accumulation and release)
  • How to release fear energy (worry, mistrust, unease, discomfort, frustration, "battle mind", paralysis)
  • What you can do to connect even more to your own powers and deeper knowing.

Show up as you are - bring a pen, a notebook, water, a pillow and a blanket, comfortable clothes.

Love to connect with you


*25% discount for Wisdom From North Members 

Testimonials from this live class with Anja


The online workshop with Anja was amazing. This is a method that I didn’t give enough thought to in the past. (..) I didn’t realize how much I needed to release fear from my body (and my energetic field)...that is, do some physical work. During the process, I didn’t only feel relief; I actually felt excited, as I recalled what it felt to be a child. Remembering this was huge for me. It seems we continue to accumulate energy. So, I’ll need to continue doing the practices. However, they’re easy and will give you immediate relief. 

-Kyna McKeown

I participated in some of the class and it helped me. Anja is really very good in creating a safe space. 

- Eva Munch

It was a fantastic workshop.  I got a lot out of it, much more than I expected
- Winnie Kikkenborg

Thank you so much for the enriching webinar with Anja and you about fear yesterday. Powerful Great tools!!
- Turid Soløy

tell me more about these online classes

In these times, we are dealing with something unprecedented. We are facing uncertainty & chaos due to an invisible threat we didn't see coming. Many people are locked inside their homes, not able to see each other and not sure how the world will look like tomorrow. This is a challenging time, but this also gives an opportunity to grow and expand and connect deeper with the truth of who we are.

In such a time, we want to be of the best support possibly. We know many are now facing fear and yearn for clarity, healing, comfort and support. Our intention is to bring to you empowering perspectives and teachings from gifted teachers who brings hope, healing, support and clarity.

All classes are LIVE and covers a specific topic that you will learn about. You' will receive a workbook along with each class and you are also able to ask personal questions directly to the teacher.  

You can book a spot on as many classes you'd like.

Cancellation policy: There is no cancellation policy. However if you payed for the class and missed it, you can write to and receive the replay.

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in Scandinavian

Tidligere klasser 

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Søndag 29 mars
Klokken 12.00-14.00


Torsdag 2. april
Klokken 18.00-20.00

Varighet ca 2 timer

Vertinne Jannecke Øinæs

Denne klassen er ferdig

Når tiden kalder … på Pippi Power

med Gitte Jørgensen

Det er nu. Tiden kalder … kan du mærke det?

Det er nu, du har mulighet for at skape de nye små og store drømme.

Det er nu, der er en bro/brygge, du kan vælge at gå over, for at komme hen til ”den nye verden” – og den version dig, du inderst inde drømmer om at fremkalde.

Vi er mange, der har fået et chok. Vi troede ikke, dette var muligt i vores verden.

Men chokket kan også åbne for de drømme, der har været gemt i dybet af dig. Og gemt i dybet af vores verden.

Kanskje kan du i disse uker have følelsen af ”cut the crap”?

At du må ”komme til sagen” og komme i gang. At der er nogle ting, der er blevet ligegyldige i dit liv. At noget på den ene side har mistet sin betydning. Men på den anden side er der så noget andet, der har fået en ny værdi.

Er der noget, du kanskje har tænkt på i årevis, som nu er kommet op til overfladen?

Har du tænkt over, hvad du har lyst til at gøre, når denne sundhedskrise er ovre?

… Og her er det så, at Pippienergien kommer ind i billedet. For Pippi er livskreativ og modig. Hun siger til sig selv: ”Det har jeg ikke prøvet før – så det kan jeg godt”.

Akkurat denne attitude har vi brug for nu.

Vi har bruk for en masse livskreativitet, livsglæde og mod/mot, så vi kan løfte os selv og vores drømme videre – ud til den nye begyndelse, vi sammen har mulighed for at skabe nu.

Tiden kalder. Kalder den også på dig?

Vil du med på LIVE klasse og få boostet din Pippi-energi?
så velkommen til.

Dette vil du blandt andet få med dig på denne to timers klassen:

•       Inspiration og viden om, hvordan du styrker din egen iboende livskreativitet – det er evnen til som menneske hele tiden at få ideer, finde løsninger og bringe sig videre. Det er livsmestring på højt plan. Livskreativitet er som en muskel, der skal trænes og holdes ved lige. Det er evnen til at holde sig levende og være i trivsel.

•       Inspiration og viden om, hvordan du kan bygge dig op og fremkalde den version af dig selv, som du bedst kan lide at være sammen med. Det handler om at styrke og skabe dit selvbillede. Du må have et godt selvbillede og en konstruktiv fortælling om dig selv for at få dine drømme realiseret. Ellers vil selvsabotagen tage over – og det kan være vanskeligt at have følelsen af at lykkes.

•       Inspiration til at bygge nye, sunde og konstruktive vaner op. Mennesker, der lykkes i livet, har i hvert fald to ting til fælles: De gør noget. De handler. Og. De har ritualer & rutiner, som de bruger hver eneste dag. De forstår den magi, der opstår, når man giver sig selv lov til, og tillader sig selv, at bruge ”baby steps”.

Du skal have følgende med:

  • Papir og skriveredskab
  • Tag et par pippi-agtige sko på under klassen
  • Find en hovedpude og hav den liggende klar ved siden af dig

Tilbakemeldinger på denne LIVE klassen

Tusen tusen takk for 2 vidunderlige timer ​❤ 

-Heidi Bakken Lundberg

Fortell meg mer om disse online klassene

I disse tider har vi å gjøre med noe enestående. Vi står overfor usikkerhet, uvisshet og kaos på grunn av en usynlig trussel vi ikke så komme. Mange mennesker er låst inne i hjemmene sine, ikke i stand til å se andre, og vi vet ikke hvordan verden vil se ut i morgen. Dette er en utfordrende tid, men den gir også en mulighet til å vokse, ekspandere bevisstheten vår og oppdage den dypere sannheten om hvem vi er.

I en slik tid ønsker vi å gi best mulig støtte. Vi vet at mange nå står en vanskelig situasjon og lengter etter klarhet, helbredelse og støtte. Vår intensjon er å gi deg kraftfulle perspektiver og nyttig kunnskap fra dyktige lærere som bringer håp, helbredelse, støtte og klarhet, slik at du lettere kan bevege deg gjennom denne tiden.

Ved bestilling:
Ved bestilling så mottar du mail med zoom link til klassen. NB om du ikke mottar mail, se i junk boksen din. Skriv til om du trenger hjelp. 
Alle klasser er LIVE og dekker et spesifikt emne. Du vil motta en pdf sammen med hver klasse, og du kan også stille personlige spørsmål direkte til læreren. Du kan booke deg inn på så mange klasser du ønsker. PS: 

Om disse klassene blir vell tatt i mot og det er etterspørsel etter mer, vil se sette opp flere klasser. 
NB: Det er ingen refusjon. Men hvis du betalte for klassen og gikk glipp av den, kan du skrive til og motta opptak av klassen.

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about the teachers

Gitte Winter Graugaard

Gitte Winter Graugaard

Gitte Winter Graugaard is a Danish bestselling and award-winning author of child meditation books helping thousands of children fall asleep all over the world. Her books have been translated to multiple languages, recently Norwegian as well.

Gitte is a TEDx speaker with a strong message about the importance of being present in our children lives. She now helps other lightworkers dare to be bolder and bring their wisdom to those in need by the use of the four elements. 


Gitte holds a master of science degree in international business specializing in branding and storytelling before becoming an author of children’s books. She is a Life Mastery Coach, mindfulness instructor and a transformational energy healer working with chakra energy and the four elements. She has lived in 8 different countries. She is an author, public speaker and mentor to lightworkers. 

Anja Vintov

Anja Vintov

FLOW Specialist, author and keynote speaker – she teaches her concept Dare To Flow in Denmark and around the world. Founder of the FLOW Specialist Education.

She is owner and CEO of Vibrant Leader Systems, which provide courses and education for modern people seeking to optimize and navigate their personal and professional flow.


10 years in the corporate world (different leadership roles), former dancer and fitness athlete. 20 years as an entrepreneur.

Anja has studied fear, courage and flow for two decades and has inspired numerous people to enhance their life quality and opportunities in everyday life, both personally and professionally - from young people to executives and entrepreneurs.

As a person she is warmhearted and sincere and has a rare ability to spot what ever blocks your natural everyday flow and provides hands on solutions with a very high rate of success.

Katy Bray

Katy Bray

Katy Bray is a clairvoyant, energy worker and gifted empath whose direct and loving approach has been transformational for her clients in growing into the next levels of their evolution. She is a channel for rewiring the energy system by way of what she refers to Your Energy Architecture. This is the body of work she has developed over 12+ years in the field and in her time working with thousands of people.  


Katy is a Vedic Counselor, dancer, student of tantra and is a non-denominational ordained minister. She is an author, speaker, retreat facilitator and a catalyst for all who seek her counsel.

Gitte Jorgensen

Gitte Jørgensen

Gitte Jørgensen har levd sitt liv ”utenfor A4” og har brukt sin pippiske innstilling til livet, sin livs kreativitet og sterke intuisjon til å leve ut sitt eget liv. Det var også intuisjonen som på magisk vis førte henne til Kreta hvor hun tilbyr inspirasjonsreiser. 


Gitte er journalist, coach og forfatter av Simple Living, Pippi Power og Når sjelen kaller. Undervisningen hennes er dynamisk, variert og aktiv. Hennes bøker er gitt ut i Skandinavia og hun har vært i både danske og norske medier, bl.a. Skavlan og TV2's God Morgen Norge. Sist på TV2 i januar 2018 sammen med Jannecke. 

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