Interview with Jonathan Levi on becoming a Super Human

Growing up, Jonathan was an energetic, bright, and pretty well-natured kid but at the age of 8, he found to have the inability to sit still, pay attention, or keep up with the class what caused him tested for learning disabilities. Difficulties continued throughout grade and middle school. Jonathan’s self-confidence was lower than ever due to the lousy grades and friends turning their backs on him. Being utterly alone, dejected he contemplated suicide. In high school, he was introduced to Ritalin that helped him to sit still, pay attention, and even do well in school.

He spent the next few years locked away in the bedroom, heavily medicated catching up on the things he failed to understand during class and working on starting a string of small businesses that let him graduate high school on the honor roll, accepted to Berkeley, and even owning a million-dollar business.

College, however, was tough for him as well: though he entered Berkeley intending to study Economics to quickly find it too challenging and change his major three separate times, and ended up leaving with a Sociology degree instead.  A few years after graduating from Berkeley he sold his company, frustrated with the many challenges facing him in marketing, financing, scaling, and leading it, to go back to school and was accepted to one of the top business schools in the world.

The turning point

During a short, pre-MBA internship, Jonathan met Dr. Lev Goldentouch, who introduced him to his wife, Anna Goldentouch. Lev and Anna had spent the last 10 years learning, developing, and refining techniques for accelerated learning and enrolled Jonathan in their private course, and the rest is history… After an intense period of re-learning how to learn, he came away with a pretty nifty skill set to read at a peak rate of 800 words per minute – and remember just about everything read.

Today, Jonathan is confidently lecturing in front of thousands of people and built a network SuperHuman Academy with a community of over 200,000 students being taught ways to become a person they want to be.

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