Jamye Price is the author of “Opening to Light Language“. She is also an energy healer, channeler and a teacher. Jamye teaches empowerment for Lightworkers and empaths on the path of Ascension. She has developed a healing modality called Crystalline Soul Healing. Jamye also channels healing energies in the form of Light Language. The language of light is transformational Creation Codes that align you with your soul.

Jamye’s book is an in-depth study of Light Language and its implication for the evolution. It mixes science and practical experiences of the effects of this language. You can find her book here.

New to Light Language? 🤔

This is a non linear language and a multidimensional communication. It is a unique process of channeling that bypasses the mental brain and speaks directly to the heart. Whether you are transmitting it or receiving Light Language, you are initiating powerful healing and growth.

This language can help you to:

💫Connect you with your Guides and Higher Self
💫Heal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks
💫 Inspire creativity and life changes
💫Activate DNA and expanded gifts
💫Open the pineal gland and amplify intuition and much more

I have interviewed Jamye many times and I can really recommend her work, she is one of the best teachers I have found within the field of multi dimensional communication.

Other interviews with Jamye Price

While in Sedona on my Wisdom From North Tour around USA 2013 I met with Jamye. Here is a link to that interview.

In 2015, we had another interview where we talked about Galactic Beings, Elves & Fairies and The Lyron Council of Time. You can find it here.

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