Koi Fresco is a rising Spiritual Teacher and educator

He is a teacher within Buddhism, Hinduism & other eastern philosophies and soul practices. Only 24 years of age, Koi is already the published author of his first book, A (Not So) Enlightened Youth which has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Along with this Koi runs an educational YouTube channel (Youtube.com/KoisCorner) garnering over 380,000 viewers & over 20,000,000 views, all focused on helping us awaken our true self and thrive in this life. Koi currently works with many spiritual teachers, swamis, singers & entrepreneurs of the past 40 years to make sure what he presents is not only modernly applicable, but done so in the purest way possible.
He is currently working on his second novel & lives in Southern California.
Koi’s YouTube channel: koiscorner

  • I really enjoyed this interview and I love Koi the young /old soul and his videos .
    I feel Astral Projection is a wonderful method of spiritual connection without drugs , and meditation is a way of listening to your God/Head and finding ultimate Peace . Namaste and Thank you for this clip.

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