Interview and session with frequency catalyst and healer Mas Sajady from Body Mind Spirit Festival in Norway.

After his second near death experience, Mas Sajady was gifted with intuitive and healing abilities so remarkably potent that he was soon likened to some of the most significant healers in history. Through Medihealing®, Mas works on the core frequency level to help redesign and reprogram your blueprint, materializing fast and tangible results and manifesting abundance in all areas of life.

Thousands around the world have transformed their lives after just one or a few sessions with Mas.

“Change your frequency, change your life.” ~ Mas

  • What just happened there…I’m so curious how we can learn to see the frequencies of life, not only in others but in ourselves as well. And how did he learn this, I didn’t catch that in the video? Was it shown to him during his near death experiences? I’m of the belief that we don’t need to have a near death experience to tap into (rediscover) our true power/abilities, but I’m still wondering how that happens exactly? Can belief alone bring us to this awareness or must we also be taught? My sense is that this wisdom is available to us all, initiated by a belief that it’s possible, but I just haven’t yet gotten a clear view of what that means, relative to applying this power in my daily life. It is a bit disconcerting to think that someone can adjust my frequencies according to how they’ve interpreted what they see. I’ve always had an aversion to being hypnotized, and to hear him say he goes into your program, so to speak, and make edits and deletions, made me wonder. I’m curious to know what you experienced and how you felt during the session and also the next day. It was fascinating to watch. Thank you!

  • Thank you Jannecke and Mas. Throughout the interview it felt like Mas was helping me too.

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