Interview with coach and seer Rose Metcalf on Female Freedom

In this video I meet with coach, clairvoyant and inspirator Rose Metcalf. Rose is passionate about empowering women, helping them find their female freedom. The species are out of balance and it is the women who will save the planet, Rose says. She continues by explaining that for thousands of years we have seen a patriarchal system, and that we now need women to come into their full power to balance the energies. 2020 has been deeply traumatic for humanity, however it was meant to happen. According to predictions, we will move into a Matriarchy in 2024, and this is going to nourish and save the planet, she says.  

About Rose Metcalf

Rose was one of the last survivors of the Costa Concordia shipwreck. After this tragic event she struggled with PTSD, survivor’s guilt and victim-mentality and it took her many years and healing modalities to find meaning. She eventually discovered the tools for finding true happiness. This ‘Dark Night of the Ego’ gave her an insight into the depths of the human condition and all the tools for how to transform darkness to light, from victim to victor, turning your trauma into your superpower. 

It doesn’t need to take years or decades, Rose says. You deserve to live fully NOW. Your power is already within you and my superpower is empowering you to live your best life right now.

*The event spoken of in the video is no longer available.

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