When we understand this fact, we can heal, become more resourceful and enter a deeper state of being.

Often, we seek outside ourself to find the emotions we long for, like joy and peace, but what if we could find all of these emotions inside ourselves? Listen to Toyni Fürstenau Johansen in understanding the language of energy.

Toyni Fürstenau Johansen now works as a spiritual coach and business mentor, but her story could have been very different. She was in a boat accident and was lying in bed for a year. She recovered however through applying what she calls the language of energy. www.toyni.no

Learn the Language of Energy

In Toyni’s Masterclass on Wisdom From North Membership, she is teaching you “the how” on creating a much more optimal energy flow, so you can release blockages in your chakras and energy system. She is also giving giving you a deeper understanding of the five sources of energy, so that you can start to create a more vital, healthy and empowered life.

Enroll in The Membership and get access to Toyni’s class and masterclasses from other leading transformatinal teachers in the North and from around the world.


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