Interview with the author, economist and entrepreneur Kathrine Aspaas. In her recent book “The Emotion Evolution” shares how important it is to accept our emotions for our well being, mental health and society’s growth in general. I am excited to share a part of this interview with you. It can inspire and help you become more aware of your emotions, learn more about what they actually are and train yourself to accept them, what ever they may be telling you.

About Kathrine Aspaas

Kathrine Aspaas is a Norwegian journalist, economist and public speaker. She is educated at The Norwegian School of Business and Administration, with a Masters of Science in International Affairs from The New School University in New York (2007). Kathrine Aspaas has 23 years of experience as financial journalist, and has now developed her own business and movement – The Age of Generosity and The Emotion Revolution. She is the author of three bestselling books “The Emotion Revolution” – “Pink is the new Punk” – and “The Age of Generosity”.

Find out more about Kathrine here’s work here

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