Interview with Ellen Vahr

After graduating from Copenhagen Business School, she worked for 20 years in the finance- and insurance business before she pursued her dream of becoming a professional coach and a writer.

In 2011 her first book, Drømmekraft (The Power of Dreams) was published. A book about following your heart, living true to yourself and fulfilling your dream. Drømmekraft was soon a success and in 2013 came her second book, Våg Livet (Dare your Life), a book about finding the courage to live your dream. Both books are published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag. Her recent book and first novel, Gaven (The Gift), published by Aschehoug Forlag 2016, is based on the story of her great-great grandmother Anne Brannfjell who was the most famous Norwegian folk healer in the nineteenth-century. For her novel Gaven she was nominated to the Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize 2016. Today, Ellen Vahr is writing on her next novel. She is offering lectures and shares her books as well as her experiences as a professional coach with a large audience. For more information on Ellen Vahr:

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