Conscious Dating Advice from relationship coach Mark Rosenfeld

In this video I am meeting with relationship and dating coach Mark Rosenfeld. I wanted to address the topic of dating, as dating is an arena for massive inner growth. The conversation around dating, romance and relationships have also evolved and changed over the years as the feminine energy is more on the rise and women are becoming more independent, which means the dynamic between men and women has also changed. Or has it?..

Conscious modern dating

This topic fascinates me and inspired me to invite Mark, to hear his perspectives. What does the modern man long for in woman, and what does the modern woman long for in a man? And what is the difference between being needy, expressing your needs and being vulnerable? And is it ok to show vulnerability? Perhaps it is even crucial and shows true strength? These are some of the questions I asked Mark.

About Mark Rosenfeld

Mark has coached thousands of women across the world to find love. His life changing videos have received over 50 MILLION views and he as one of Australia’s leading dating and relationship coaches. He is the author of the book: Make him Yours- beating the odds of modern dating and his passionate about leading women through the mist of uncertainty and doubt that modern dating can be, to shine through and attract the man they deserve.

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