Seven years ago, Nereeda had a secure, corporate job with wonderful colleagues, but she felt the urge to take on other challenges. Since she knows that challenges are opportunities to grow, she didn’t hesitate to act on her inspiration. She left her job to start her own business. 

Limiting beliefs when creating a spiritual business

Jannecke also has experience with setting up her own business and she tells us how she had to face many fears and especially face her own limiting beliefs about money. Nereeda supports her 100% in this. She found it difficult putting a price on her services. 

She says you have these limiting beliefs coming up where you question yourself; “Am I worth it?” According to the two women, it’s important to investigate this and face your fears head on. 

The why 

Why is it so important to know your why? 

Nereeda explains to us that we are bound to have days where everything is dark and difficult. Days where we’re not going to know why we’re doing this. It’s in those moments you want to remember your why!  

Also, in other areas of your life it’s important to think through why you’re doing things. Why am I taking this dance class, why am I doing this job? It’s good to really get clear on that, Nereeda says. 

Jannecke agrees, that is living with intention, she says. 

Be yourself in your business

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” 

It’s important to show up as yourself, if you’re going to keep up a pretend persona, life is going to get really difficult for you. 

You want to be yourself and infuse that into everything you do because you want to love and learn from the journey you’re on. 

Ned talks 

Recently Nereeda created Ned talks and she says that with Ned talks she’s the most relaxed she’s ever been, allowing herself to be her and let her personality come through.  

I’ve got a silly personality, she says, and will do silly jokes sometimes. Nereeda thinks it’s important to follow our intuition and let the business take us where it wants to go. 

It might not always make sense, but sometimes we need to make a shift, even if it’s just a small one. 

Nereeda’s new book, “What If” just came out and it’s a book with a multitude of questions designed to get you thinking deeply and ponder over things. It’s a book you can always come back to for inspiration and ideas. 

Advice to entrepreneurs starting out 

Nereeda dedicates the first part of the masterclass to step-by-step advice on how to get started with your own business and the first thing to do, she says, is to have an idea. 

Start researching what other people are doing. Success leaves clues, so think about what feels good for you and what excites you. 

Happy entrepreneuring! 

Creating your spiritual business online course

We are delighted to be an affiliate of Nereeda’s new online course “Create your spiritual business”, and recommend it to anyone wanting to get clear on their business project. Click here or the image below to find out more.

Online course with Nereeda McInnes

Whether you have been sharing your gifts with the world for a while or are just starting out, the Create Your Spiritual Business program has been created to ensure you are putting your best foot forward online so people can findtrustwork with and recommend you to others!
– Nereeda McInnes

  • What if you’re 80+, have a book published, but didn’t have marketing help, so only sold a few on my own.
    Would love to get my book out to the public and work as a healer and card reader.
    I see all these people, like you, as being only half my age, and is it worth it to try?

    • Hi Darci, firstly, I just want to say how incredible it is that you have published a book! That is a huge achievement, congratulations!! Secondly, absolutely to getting your book out there and working as a card reader and healer is worth a try! If it is in your heart, it is meant for you 💕 And when you do your readings, you could offer your book to those you connect with. Whether we impact one person or many with our message, every person matters. So much. I hope that helps with your question and wish you total fulfilment in all that you do from here! Xx

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