Interview with Gitte Winter Graugaard

Gitte Winter Graugaard has heard her inner voice ever since she was a child. In this video she shares how she found her calling, by staying true to what her inner voice guided her to do and by connecting to the invisible world.

Do you feel the Calling?

We are calling all lightworkers. It is time to gather, be brave and serve.

As the Corona virus crawled into our lives, we were collectively put on a pause. As we all at the same time all round the world held our breath we allowed the now to become so present, that everything in our past, present and future was put on display. What did you see? What did you sense? Did you too feel the calling? 

About Gitte

Gitte is a best-selling Danish author whose books are endorsed by the Royal Danish Embassy; she is also a life coach, energy mentor and light worker. 

In 2018 she launched the platform The Momo Academy (, to make mindfulness, yoga and meditation accessible to Danish pupils. Through her online academy, schools in Denmark can now offer mindfulness as part of the curriculum.

Most recently, in April this year, she gave her first TEDx talk (TEDx conference) on how meditation and mindfulness can benefit children. And her three books, ‘The Children’s Meditations In My Heart’, ‘The Valley of Hearts’ and ‘The Monster Manual’ are all designed to enable children to be free from anxiety and to thrive through mindfulness and meditation. 

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