Wieteke is a artist/life-coach and energy worker from the Netherlands,
who has been in contact with Extra Terrestrial beings since an early age. Since the past few years she has started to come forward with these experiences.  Throughout her life, her Interstellar experiences have led her to become a ET-channeller for groups and a facilitator of Cosmic-healing (a 1 on 1 channelling + deep re-alignment).

It is her heart-felt passion and joy to share free-from-fear  information with others about these topics. Internationally known for her channelling work with Arjun (of the YahYel), she facilitates group- and private sessions in  Europe and the US in person and via skype. Arjun is a higher dimensional contact expert  (in cooperation with Pleiades/Shakani/Sirius) offering ideas of self-empowerment
and inspiration to those who resonate with this route of information; to follow their heart and expand their consciousness.
For more information: design4awareness.com

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