Marisa Peer is the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy, which uses the power of your mind to change your own circumstances. She has written several bestsellers. Her new book; “Tell Yourself a Better Lie” is teaching us how to rewrite our lives in a way that serves us. In this interview, Marisa talks about the power of your mind and how you can influence your ability to become pregnant by shifting your thoughts and beliefs.

The power of your mind

Marisa explains that the mind is like a genie. Your wish is its command. Your mind listens to your thoughts and must act upon them. If you for instance tell yourself that you’re scared of holding a speech and that you’d do anything to get out of it, you might wake up with a terrible migraine on the day of your speech. Your mind does listen to what you say. The mind’s job is to keep you alive and it does so by eavesdropping 24 hours a day on your thoughts and then working to make your thoughts real!

Your thoughts influence your ability to become pregnant!

How can we change our deep-rooted beliefs of all the reasons why we cannot become pregnant? First and foremost, Marisa says she hates the word trying. -I’m trying to become pregnant. This implies failure. You’re not trying, you must tell yourself you are making a baby and raising a perfect child. The mind gets very confused with words that don’t make sense. Surprisingly the womb does not age and you can carry an embryo in your 60’s if you wanted to.

Talk to yourself and say you’re expecting a baby, buy some clothes and picture the baby in them. Tell yourself your baby is going to wear these clothes. Get into the state of expectancy, not in the state of denial. Women under all kinds of circumstances become pregnant, Marisa says. Even women in concentration camps became pregnant and you can just imagine what kind of stress they were going through.

Talk your baby into the world and use the power of your mind

Marissa was told she could not conceive a baby. Instead of believing the doctors, she started speaking to her baby in her womb. She sang to the baby and she imagined everything they would do together. Marissa says, keep inviting the baby to you by singing to it and talking to it. It will recognize your voice once it is born and be so happy to be in your arms. She explains it’s very important to find a lot of different information that excites you instead of discourages you. Read what gives you hope and avoid what does not encourage you. That way you can use the power of your mind to help the baby into creation.

Tell Yourself a Better Lie- Marisa’s new book

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