Interview with Light body activator Adrienn Light

In 2016 Adrienn had a life changing experience, where her body spontaneously transformed from a 3D body into a Light Body. Adrienn further explains that the spirit which was connected to her former 3D body was liberated in the process and that another spirit from a higher consciousness connected to her new light body.

-A Light Body is part of our being, Adrienn explains. It is an energy body that exists at a higher dimensional vibrational level. 

In this interview, we talk about how we can activate the light body and how it is like living with one.

A facilitator for activating the light body

In 2018 Adrienn received a message from her guides to be a facilitator for light body activations in other people. This is how her 7-days “Light Body Activation Process” was born. This is a process where she holds the space and frequency to activate the light body in the participants. 

Her next Light Body Activation Retreat is in October 2021. 
Read more about the retreat and Adrienn’s online programs on

About Adrienn

Adrienn is a medium, an energy healer, and what she calls a bridge between the higher self and the three-dimensional world.

Her spiritual journey began when she was little. She was always very sensitive physically, and suffered from allergies, asthma, candida infections, digestion problems, and more.

In 2014, she started following a raw vegan diet, and she ate only fruit for two years. In 2016, she was called to follow the Light Process. Although it was not her foreseen objective, during the process her body transformed into a Light body. Then came the time to get to know this new body and her new life.

In 2018, the pieces fell into place, and she understood why all this had happened to her. Her guides invited her to give talks at conferences on the themes she’s been channelling, and to be a Light body activation coach for others. She hosts a seven-day “Light Body Activation Process,” in which her mentors and herself, along with other people, help the participant have a Light body activation. Aside from this service. Adrienn lives with her loving husband and her precious daughter, and her family is her life.

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