Interview with Adriana Diaconu on handling Postpartum Depression

In this video I am meeting with Adriana Diaconu. Adriana is an intuitive and an emotional master who is passionate about helping people achieve emotional maturity. In the video we are addressing topics like postpartum depression (depression after giving birth) and the rainbow children. And we talk about how we carry different polarizing “programs” with us in life which causes stress and imbalance. We are also discussing how to manage our emotions and cultivate emotional intelligence.

About Adriana Diaconu

After having her daughter 4 years ago Adriana experienced a postpartum depression which lastet for two years. With the help of a psychologist who combined her session with alternative therapy Adriana entered a rebirth and a rebalance of her life. She started her YouTube channel and enrolled to university for a Bachelor in Psychology. Her aim is change the sitma around mental health and depression and to introduce new ideas and expand the world of therapy, from the inside of the system.

Emotional Adulthood

On Adriana’s YouTube channel she offers efficient tools to declutter and deprogram your mind and make it serve your emotions. She has created a mix therapy where she has added concepts and practices from Germanic Medicine, to Bio-decoding, Epigenetic Transgenerational inheritance and Neuro-linguistic Programming… all that sprinkled with her own great experience as a Highly Sensitive Person.

Through therapy Adriana helps your mind work FOR your emotions and not against them.

Find Adriana’s YouTube Channel here
Find Adriana’s website here

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