2012 - 2022
Wisdom From North 10 years anniversary

Healing your childhood template with Evette Rose
Healing Your Childhood template
- with Evette Rose

Returning to your authentic self. Get to know yourself on a deeper level

Your inner child sets forward the platform by which you live the rest of your life.

- Evette Rose

Mastering your cosmic purpose with Sita PK
Mastering your cosmic purpose
- with Sita PK

Discover your cosmic roots and claim your preselected purpose.

Receiving answers to existential questions is often the fastest and most powerful way to move you into the purpose. 

- Sita PK

Nordic mysticism with Anja Steensig
Nordic Mysticism
- with Anja Steensig

Are you ready to reconnect with your soul and remember your own truth?

I will invite you into experiences and practices that will open your heart and bring you healing to help you find your own way back home into Love.

- Anja Steensig

Classes and Guided Meditations

self-love activation class
Self-Love Activations
- with Jannecke Øinæs

Let yourself be guided to a deeper sense of Self-Love, giving you insights and perspectives.

course in being spiritual and abundant
Being spiritual & abundant
- with Jannecke Øinæs

Change your relationship to money and open up to more financial flow.

meditation bundle
Meditation Bundle
- with Jannecke Øinæs

A unique meditation bundle of 11 downloadable meditations to help you connect with your soul

Stand firmly in your dream class
Stand firmly in your dream
- with Ragnhild H. Vea

How to shift disempowering beliefs by exploring the power of perspectives.

The Membership
The Membership
Expand your consciousness and transform your life

I am inviting you to join this soul expansive online membership, to help you find your true power and purpose, navigate more easily in your spiritual journey, raise your vibration, and take your soul growth to the next level!

Interested in courses & classes in Norwegian?

Norwegian courses
Jannecke Øinæs Wisdom From North

About Wisdom From North

Wisdom From North is the Nordic platform for spiritual knowledge & personal development

Our vision is to expand people’s consciousness globally, waking people up to their inner power by bridging new science and ancient spiritual wisdom through the best thought leaders of today.

With Wisdom From North you are embarking on a journey where inner growth is the main goal.

Jannecke Øinæs - Creator of Wisdom From North